Sinotextile supplies diversified weaving related machinery and offers solutions adapted to the requirements of each user.

We have weaving preparatory machines includes warping machine, sizing machine, knotting machine, drawing-in machine; they have been optimized and adapted to a variety of requirements, and are suitable for all weaving mills and all types of weaving machines.

Our other equipments like beam trolley and truck, fabric rolling and inspection machine, warp beam storage and stacker, as well as ultrasonic cutting machine, can largely liberate the labor, increase efficiency and save cost.

As a world leader in weaving unit machinery, we have gained abundant experience and knowledge throughout the years. Customers can take advantage of Sinotextile know-how and facilitate their weaving process with passion.
  • Warping Machine
    Warping Machine

    Warping is the process of winding yarn from small packages like cones on to a warp beam. The process is done by different warping machines.

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  • Automatic Drawing-in Machine
    Automatic Drawing-in Machine

    Due to the recent development trend of small batch, diversified species, high difficulty and short delivery time, manual drawing-in already cannot satisfy the modern textile enterprises.

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  • Automatic Warp Tying Machine
    Automatic Warp Tying Machine

    Automatic warp tying machine, or called automatic warp knotting machine, is used to replace manual operation during warp change process.

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  • Warp Beam Storage System
    Warp Beam Storage System

    Our company provides solution for storage of warp beam, sizing beam, weaver's beam and fabric roller, which are widely used in the weaving preparation workshop, weaving unit and finishing unit for maximum space utilization and prevention of damage to read

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  • Fabric Rolling and Inspection
    Fabric Rolling and Inspection

    We provide a wide series of fabric rolling/fabric winding machines, and fabric inspection machines.

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  • Beam Trolley and Truck
    Beam Trolley and Truck

    We provide a wide series of trolley and trucks for carrying weaving beams, heald frames, fabric roller weaving reed and etc, in both hydraulic type and electric type.

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  • Ultrasonic Fabric Cutting
    Ultrasonic Fabric Cutting

    Ultrasonic has been widely used in our daily life. The ultrasonic generator delivers mechanical energy of vibration to the cutting blade, causing local heat fusing, to achieve the aim of cutting material.

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  • Sizing Machine
    Sizing Machine

    The SINO398 staple fiber sizing machine is designed for staple fibar sizing. It is suitable for a variety types of yarn including cotton,viscose, linen,mixed filament and so on; and thiekness from 6s ...

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