Paper Forming Mesh Weaving

Machine body: the main wallboard adopts cast iron boxtype structure, and loom installed on one-piece substructure.
Main drive: adopting bilateral reluctance motor coaxial transmission.
Shedding mechanism: adopting bilateral pulling dobby sheding device, with 20 heald frames.
Weft insertion mechanism: rapier head weft insertion driven by servo motor, with 4 color selection.
Beat-up mechanism: multi-section crank four-linkage beat-up, maximum beating power 7 tons.
Take-up mechanism: servo electronic, porcupine roller positive continuous take-up.
Let-off mechanism: positive continuous let-off, with double beam.
Fabric rolling mechanism: off-machine batch motion driven by independent torque motor.
Lubrication: Automatic lubrication and manual lubrication.
Controlling system: PLC computer control system, with functions of parameters setting and automatic faults display, easy to operate and maintain.

Except for peper forming mesh weaving loom, Sinotextile is also able to provide weaving machines for special purpose, such as geotechnical cloth weaving, paper-making backing screen, wider-width carpet weaving, heavy type filter duck weaving, double layer fabric weaving, triple layer fabric weaving, puncture-proof fabric weaving, brake ribbon weaving, powder conveyor belt weaving and etc. We welcome friends from all over the world to share your ideas and needs.

Paper Forming Mesh Weaving

Paper Forming Mesh Weaving

Reed Width 550cm~1280cm
Speed 40rpm
Range of yarn Polyester monofilament, 0.1~0.8 mm.
Weft density 100~1200 picks/10cm.
Power 20KW~40KW

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