Improve the efficiency of rapier loom

Adjustment of craft parameters of rapier loom

The current market is weak, the raw cotton is in short supply, and the sewage discharge of indigo and sulfide dye is not up to the national standard requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction. In this case, in order to adapt to market demand, our company developed and mass production of high density OE coarse number 36.4 x 48.6 425 x 220.5160 OE 3/1 ↖ cotton twill grey fabric, considerable economic benefit. However, in the production, some problems have been encountered and the loom efficiency has been affected. In this way, we will discuss the solutions.

Adjustment of craft parameters of rapier loom

Adjust the position line

In order to reduce the "triple jump" defects, to ensure timely opening weave, especially, the lower warp in into the sword entered should be kept as far as possible openings clear, thus opening time of configuration principle is: woven easy to open numerous varieties appropriate opening time later, it is beneficial to jian head cloth fell out when reduce the friction and warp, can also help reduce jian head, belt wear; On the contrary, the opening time should be earlier and be helpful to the opening. In addition, the opening time can be a little later, whereas the opening time should be earlier. Our company is in the latter category. Accordingly, narrow, opening of the lower warp, reasonably adjust the heald frame height per page position, reduce the lower warp force, is the effective guarantee opening is clear, to prevent left and right jian head in and out of the mouth of the warp friction weaves and star jumps in the favorable measures.

Adjust the height of the torus board, tob board and swordboard

In order to reduce the loom breakage rate, the three height rules of the torus board, the tob board and the swordboard were readjusted, and the wear of the swort flannelette was changed seriously. The height of the sword-plate is adjusted according to the height of the torsion plate and the tob plate, and the wear and tear of the guide hook is changed in a timely manner. It minimises the friction between the warp and the swordcloth and the sword-belt, which greatly reduces the breakage of the warp yarn.
Adjust the surface tension properly.

The rapier loom is the intermittent delivery, the size of the tension of the cloth has a direct impact on the number of stops and defects. Therefore, set your let off Angle is 180 °, let-off ratio 1:1 as normal. Check whether the computer related parameter setting is wrong, and check whether the braking force of the brake skin is too large. Excessive influence on the delivery of the motor and the motor is prone to overheating; It is too small to send the motor with inertia, and the surface of the cloth will appear in the cloud or thin. At the same time, regular inspections should be institutionalized.

Adjust the tension back beam

The adjustment of tension of rapier loom is mainly to regulate tension. There are two in the back of the tension, one is the tension of the rotation, the other is a fixed rear beam. The size can be determined by the size of the spring thickness and the resistance of the shock absorber on both sides of the rotating tension. The position of the fixed rear beam determines the frequency of the delivery. In order to maintain stability of the let-off amount, cut the height position of fixed back rest 5 mm, let off frequency increased, the shock absorber of spinning tension on both sides of back rest activities under the hydraulic pole, always stay in 5 mm or so, the results to ensure the stability of the tension of cloth. Due to the effect of the warp thread on both sides of the sword and the friction force of the sword band, the adjustment is not good, the thread breakage is more frequent, the friction force of the reed and the warp thread is intensified, and the position of the side support is adjusted. In addition, the side brace and the Angle of the ring will also affect the fabric tension.

Careful maintenance

In order to reduce the suspension of the weft, we have carefully analyzed the reasons for the breakage. Weft yarn strength is not enough, for example, do not divide evenly, weft bobbin forming is bad and weft feeder, ground weft detector, panel of aging poor contact, jian body wear, sword first flight instability is produces the factor of broken weft. So we are on the weft insertion system, mechanism of maintenance and repair, carefully check the weft feeder, whether to choose the action time of the weft insertion device, scissors, accurate, etc., after a series of measures, broken weft number has obviously decreased. Although it is not completely eliminated, it has a certain effect.

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