The Picanol looms weaving machine process

(I) Process parameters

1. The height of the back beam: the plain grain 900mm, the twill 125mm ~ 135mm, the multi-arm 65mm ~ 88mm.
2. Suspension height: flat winging 45mm, twill 32mm, multi-arm 2 5mm ~ 3 5mm.
3. Edge support: box width + 30mm, with a width of 12mm larger than the reed.
4. Different kinds of cloth are used to different heddle eyes, which will be beneficial to the opening.
5. Different varieties have different requirements for stopping the weight of the pieces. 0. 2 or 0. 3 or 0.5mm.
6. If the total number of total number of the total number of the number of the number of healds is increased, it can effectively prevent the breaking rate. Use a small stop.

(2) Attention matters on the machine

1 mm ~ 2 mm, reed weft scissors l, this benchmark to set good, will affect weft is greater than the distance into the scissors, broken weft, weft, and waste less than this distance, the reed will collide with the scissors.
2. Tight screws are best if two people are close together and must be separated from the center and tight on both sides.
3. The upper machine should be knotted by one person, the warp tension should be uniform, and the breakage should be less.
4. Check the alignment of the warp shafts and tighten the screws.
5. The suspension can not be put in, must be flexible.
6. After making a piece of cloth, cut off the end of the warp thread to make it pass through the guide rod smoothly.
7. Check the tension condition of the edge yarn and the tension of the yarn.
8. Please adjust the order of the weft teeth when you are on the machine.
9. Every meter of cloth should be inspected for cloth, and the bad cloth can not be knitted. Meanwhile, the length of the waste side yarn can be found in time, and the length of the edges of the cloth is good.

(3) After the machine, it will be on again

1. The machine after the machine is actually also a maintenance, first of all the clean work of the whole machine, all the main parts of the machine refueling, especially the place where the work cannot be added. Also check the fastening degree of the screw, check whether some of the specifications are correct and whether any gaps have changed.
2. When changing the variety, it should adjust the position of the bracing position and the time of entering the sword at different length, especially the cooperation of opening and entering and entering the sword time.
3.In 190, for example, when reed width 1700 mm, weft scissors should be on track in the third, when reed width 1600 mm, scissors should be on track in the third, when reed width 1600 mm, scissors should be on track of, on the fourth and fifth gear. When the reed is around 1500mm, the scissors should be placed in the sixth gear of the track.

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