Picanol looms weaving weft insertion

1.Sending weft sword, weft blade edge yarn into the first of time of 70 °~ 75 .Weft blade, in general, and in time is the same as the flat, weft will be too early to send warp pinch off, form the edge section broken weft, too late will produce shrink weft, some varieties of weft on warp to clamping.

2. Be aware of such a principle,Early in the sword, late in the sword, late in the sword, early in the sword.

3. The delivery time of delivering weft sword and joining weft sword is 180 °,The distance between the head of the weft and the first slice is 110mm ~ 115mm, and the width of the blade tip is 60mm ~ 70mm, and the gap of all kinds of gears is small, so that the overdrive can easily hit the head of the sword.

4. The whole process of weft insertion: weft feeder, tension slices through the weft detector, colors pole, send the sword, weft yarn scissors, and then lead to the transition, Then the weft will be picked up by the weft, and the cloth will be released by the release CAM, and the filling process will be completed.

The weaving mechanism of the Picanol looms

The opening mechanism used by the Picanol loom is an active revolving stauer electronic dobby, or bona electronic jacquard machine.

The Picanol will match staubli electronic dobby loom, after running every year cycle for replacement lubricating oil, the oil change should carefully clean the machine interior, especially at the bottom and screen mesh, and used for the adsorption of metal impurity magnets, eccentric disc face, electromagnet device up and down.

1.Changing oil, When dirty oil clean after the new oil for the body with the same amount in 1 ~ 2 hours after the operation, oil will be sent out again (wash the oil reserved for another body), add new the same lubricating oil, in order to operate only as an oil change is completed, the oil change effect will be more good, the normal use of equipment time will be extended.

2. The electromagnet for the dobby has a "permanent magnet" inside. When there is a signal, hold the work key of the eccentric disk to make the heald action, and vice versa without the signal.

3. In the long run, it is easy to produce a fault of 100 feet, so it is important to regularly change the oil to check the gap and cleaning of the electromagnet.

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