We supply warping machine for a variety of warping needs including staple fiber, filament fiber, color yarn, denim yarn, fiberglass and etc. Our series cover sectional warping machine, direct warping machine, fiberglass warping machine, and warping sizer. With stable performance, high efficiency and good adaptability, our warping machines have been widely installed in domestic and overseas mills, to cooperate with rapier loom, air jet loom, water jet loom, projectile looms and etc.

Equipped with R&D center and textile testing center, we are able to manufacture our own weaving preparatory machines that can replace imported ones. The textile testing center has a complete line of sizing machine and air jet loom, to facilitate the development of new products.

SINO004-2 Sectional Warping Machine

SINO004-2 Sectional Warping Machine
Technial Specification:
Width: 1800mm-7000mm
Beam Flange: 800mm, 1000mm, 1250mm
Warping Speed: 0~400m/min
Beaming Speed: 0~90m/min
Deviation of Beaming Tension: ±2%
Braking Distance: ≤ 3m (300m/min)
Cone Angle: 9° or 7.125°
Stripe Traverse Speed: 0.001~9.999(mm/r)
Deviation of Stripe Traverse: 0.02%
Stripe Setting Range: 0.1~700(mm)
Drum Diameter: 1026mm

Main Features:
1. The machine with frequency control, efficient and reliable.
2. Adoption of electromechanical-pneumatic-controlled device in warping brake and beaming brake, with a big braking torque and good performance, and adjustable damping tension.
3. The drum is made integrally by high strength steel, to ensure the performance for heavy twisted yarn; the cooperation of fixed cone angle and adjustable stripe traverse volume and satisfy the warping needs of almost all types yarn.
4. The use of stripe traverse vloume adjusting device increases power of warping, and lower down production cost.
5. Pneumatic automatic warp beam mounting and dismounting, greatly reduce labor intensity and avoid harm to warp beam。
6. The warping machine adopts electronic counter with simple design, reliable performance, and high level of automation.
7. Equipped with automatic warp breakage stop device.

SINO558 High Speed Sectional Warping Machine

SINO558 High Speed Sectional Warping Machine
Technial Specification:
Width: 1800mm-3600mm, customization available
Beam Flange: 800mm, 1000mm, or customization
Warping Speed: 0~600(m/min)
Beaming Speed: 0~100(m/min)
Deviation of Beaming Tension: ±2%
Braking Distance: ≤ 2m (300m/min)
Cone Angle: 9°
Stripe Traverse Speed: 0.001~9.999(mm/r)
Deviation of Stripe Traverse: 0.02%
Stripe Setting Range: 0.1~999.9(mm)
Drum Diameter: 1026mm

Scope of Application:
SINO558 is suitable for warping a variety of yarns,including worsted yarn,high twisted filaments, silk yarn, and different types of spun yarns for wool fabrics, chemical fabrics, silk fabrics, cotton fabrics as well as industry fabrics.This sectional warping machine is perfect preparatory machinery for water-jet weaving, air-jet weaving, rapier weaving and projectile weaving.

Main Features:
1. Axial displacement of warping operation panel is accurately controlled by servo motor.The setting of starting point and stripe can be done automatically by pressing the button at only one time.
2. Radial displacement of warping operation panel is controlled by step motor, to maintain  a constant distance bewteen space reed and yarn on drum.
3. Application of new technology in AC frequercy converter controlled by computer to keep a constant warp winding and rewinding speed on the drum.
4. The brake is done by an electro-mechanical and hydropneumatic device for warping stop.The beaming tension control adopts external steel strip damping, to aviod the noise and uneven tension. Automatic beaming tension control system option also available as per demand.
5. Equipped with microcomputer and PLC, the sectional warping machine has functions of total length count,cut length count,strip count, warp breakage record, automatic stop after warp breakage, automatic stop after completion.
6. The warping machine interface is clear, informative and easy to operate.
7. The drum is controlled by servo motor, running integrally on the rail; the leasing reed and bobbin creel fixed firmly, so that warp stripes are kept in aligment, and yarn tension is constant during the process.
8. The high strength steel drum with cone angle 1:6.3, and the high precision operation panel driven by servo motor can satisfy various type of yarn warping.
9. Two types of beaming mechanism available, moveable type and fixed type.

SINO528 High Speed Direct Warping Machine
SINO528 High Speed Direct Warping Machine
Technial Specification:
Available Width: 1600~1800mm, or customization
Applicable Beam Flange: 800mm; 1000mm or customization
Warping Speed: 100-800m/min, with stepless speed regulation
Braking Distance: ≤ 3m(500m/min)
Error in Length: ≤ 0.25%
Motor Power: 11KW
Creel: 640 Spindles, 240x240mm, or customization
Weight of Head Stock: 3000kg
Weight of Creel: 2800kg

Scope of Application:
SINO528 can be used in warping of various staple fiber. With the features of high warping efficiency, uniform denstity and flatness, this model is the ideal preparation equipment before sizing and dyeing.

Main Features:
1. SINO528 direct warping machine adopts German Siemens industrial control system, Swiss ABB driving system, Japanese sensor, pneumatic components and touch screen, to ensure the stability and reliability of machine.
2. The application of the techonlogy of multiplex sensors, automatic deviation correction and advanced software algorithm helps to control deviation of length measurement within 0.25%, increases production and lowers energy consumption and cost.
3. Warping beam is driven directly by frequency conversion motor, with the features of all-digital control, constant winding speed.
4. With both mechanical and automatic modes to adjust the relative position of warping beam flange and pressure roller, to avoid the deviation from waring beam center under compression.
5. The adoption of high effective clamping brake, as well as aerodynamic gas-liquid booster technology, enable the brake to be fast and sensitive, with a large braking torque and short braking length.
6. The application of indirect compression augment technology eliminates the jump caused by compression. The finished warp beam turns out high spherical degree, uniform winding density. The pressure of pressing roller is adjustable from 150N to 6000N under the control of independent pneumatic mechanism, with automatic return during the brake, helps to eliminate friction between pressure roller and warp yarns and improve warping quality.
7. Application of meachanical driving system and bevel gear beam connector makes clamping and release motion stable and reliable. Besides,the warping machine is equipped with pneumatic-driven lifting and dropping mechanism, can work with different specification of warp beams.
8. The precise adjustable reed has the function of horizontal alignment and warp density adjustment. One set of clearance blow mechanism is adopted to keep the reed teeth clean. The completely sealed adjustable reed device resolve the disturbance from dust and flying, so as to lower down warp breakage.
9. Wind shield can automatically adjust position according the running status of the machine to prevent moving air flow and most flyings from affecting machine.

SINO668 Fiberglass Warping Machine

SINO668 Fiberglass Warping Machine
Technial Specification:
Warping Speed: 10-100m/min
Width: 1280-3800mm or customization
Beam Flange: 550mm, 800mm
Reed adjustable in horizontal direction by 0~15mm, 22 times per min
Braking Method: pneumatic disc clamp brake
Braking DIstance: ≤ 1m(100m/min)
Compression Method: cantilever type pneumatic compression, with stepless regulation
Winding Density: 0.8-1.8g/cm3
Spindle Pitch: 180/200mm
Number of Spindles: 800~3800 as per customer demand

Scope of Application:
Guide the fiberglasss from creel through the reeds for uniform arrangement, and then wind onto the weaving beam or warp beam.

Main Features:
1. Adopt German Siemens PLC to carry out safe and reliable automatic control of program actions.
2. Adopt frequency conversion technology to ensure winding at a constant linear speed.
3. Use 10 inch touch screen display, easy to operate, and can display linear speed, length, monthly output, as well as the fault location.
4. Tension of the yarn is controlled by variable frequency motor, and the tension is adjustable.
5. The compression from the pressure roller makes sure a smooth and flat winding on the warp beam, and achieving an ideal winding density.
6. Koyo encoder used for measuring length and linear speed.
7. The mounting and dismounting of warp beam is controlled by air cylinder.
8. Warping width adjustable.
9. Equipped with static electricity eliminator.
10. Application of photoelectric breakage self-stopping device, positioned in front of the creel, which is sensitive and reliable。=.

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