Improved Method of Rapier Loom Machine

Rapier loom machine is a kind of shuttleless loom, the current widespread use of its positive weft insertion method has a good variety adaptability, can adapt to all kinds of yarn weft insertion, has obvious advantages in multicolor weft weaving. In the process of making and using rapier looms, some enterprises found that some of the design of the loom was not satisfactory, so the equipment was improved.

Method 1 no longer change the yarn frequently
In production, there is an imperfect place in the skewers of rapier loom, and the volume of yarn on the guide rack is small and needs to be changed frequently. In order to solve the above problem, we have removed both sides of the yarn guide frame, and the existing waste side feeder on the crossbar has been converted to both sides of the yarn to be installed on both sides. Outside install the waste side feeding tube, the inside of the wire feeding tube.

After the reconstruction, the yarn size of the yarn is large, and the replacement can be used for more than half a year. After removing the original warping guide frame, not only the cleaner is good at doing it, but the yarn breakage and the locking of the yarn are well controlled.

Method 2 improved loom trimming performance
When using rapier loom to produce small canvas, it is found that the cutting edge of scissors cannot meet the requirement of use. The main expression is: the strength of the shears is insufficient and the vibration is obvious in the use. Scissors blades are not durable and need to be sharpened and replaced frequently. The waste edge separation is not good; the fabric edge is torn apart.

First, improve the scissors CAM. The scissors CAM profile and the material are improved. The blade drive part of the original movable blade is eccentric CAM, and the insertion is cut once. In order to improve the shear effect, the convex contour curve is improved to 8. The improved scissors CAM has been used to double the weft, and the shear frequency is doubled, which is beneficial to the cutting edge of heavy fabric. The original scissors CAM is glass fiber reinforced nylon injection molding, suitable for mass production. In order to enhance the wear-resisting performance and facilitate the single production, the scissors CAM material was changed to 45 steel for heat treatment and improved wear resistance. Next is the replacement of scissors blade material. The original scissors blade is YG8 hard alloy, high strength and anti-impact, but the wear resistance is low. In order to improve wear resistance and combine the working conditions of scissors, change the blade material to YG6 hard alloy. Again, strengthen the fixed blade bracket. To enhance the stiffness of the fixed blade bracket, the thickness of the fixed blade is changed from 4 mm to 5 mm. Through the above improvements, the performance of the shearing waste side is greatly improved, and the efficiency of the loom is greatly improved, which meets the requirements of customer weaving.

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