Types of Jacquard Machine by Sinotextile

Benefiting from decades of R&D efforts, our electronic jacquard machine has stable performance and can replace similar imported products and its domestic competing machines. Customers are weaving fine quality fabrics with our jacquard machine, ranging from curtains, sofa cloth, high precision garments and other decorative fabrics.

The real reliable domestic jacquard hook selection solenoid valve assembly manufactured by us has been verified in long-term practice on different weaving occasions. The electromagnet valve assembley has been verified in most of looms with various speed, with an obvious advantage in function and cost performance over the other domestic brands.

In the factory, we produce all necessary jacquard spare parts so that we can easily and strictly control every component, including electromagnet, module, pulley, bearing and machine body. The modules made by us are supplied to our domestic peers and overseas jacquard manufacturers. In the aspect of mechanical part, we have improved Staubli structure with our own design to make our jacquard more strong and stable.

We have a group of experienced personnel; our engineers have more than 10 years of devotion, and other experienced professionals in the field of electronics, automation, software, machinery, textile and etc. The newly developed electronic selection mechanism has already got International Patent and filled the blank of this field in China.

At present, our electronic jacquard machine has been sold to the market of India, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, South Korea and etc.
  • Sun200 Jacquard Machine
    Sun200 Jacquard Machine

    SUN200 series jacquard machine is specially designed to fit with low speed rapier loom and shuttle looms, it is ideal for weaving terry cloth, velvet, necktie, decorative cloth, curtain, shirting and ...

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  • Sun300 400 500 Jacquard Machine
    Sun300 400 500 Jacquard Machine

    We work out the best and the most economic solution for every customer’s weaving needs. The jacquard machine can be available in different speed from 300rpm, 400rpm to 500 rpm, with three types of in...

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  • Sun600 Jacquard Machine
    Sun600 Jacquard Machine

    In order to meet the high speed jacquard weaving demand of the market, we have released the latest 600 series. This high speed jacquard machine has adopted conjugate cam mechanism, to ensure the best ...

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Advantages of Sinotextile Jacquard Machine

  • 1
    Heavy body structure, the machine running stable with little vibration.
  • 2
    Electronic system with multi functions and easy to operate.
  • 3
    Essential parts like solenoid and pulley are self-made, using imported material and in strict control.
  • 4
    Able to synchronize with domestic and overseas loom models, including Picanol, Panter, Itema, Vamatex, Somet, Ishakawa, Rifa, Wanli, Kingtex and so on.

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The quality of the weaving machines provided by SINOTEXTILE is very good, and they provide very enthusiastic after-sales service, which is a reliable partner.

Jacquard Machine Related FAQs

  • Q: What is the difference between traditional mechanical jacquard and electronic jacquard?

    A: Compared with mechanical jacquard, electronic jacquard has the advantages:
    High speed hook selection and high-speed weaving;
    Elimination of the cylinder, needles and design card;
    Can be interfaced directly to a CAD system, which allows automatic pattern change.

  • Q: What is the maximum number of hooks of electronic jacquard that Sinotextile makes?

    A: Currently, we can make up to 38400 hooks electronic jacquard.
  • Q: When do I need jacquard shedding instead of dobby and cam shedding?

    A: With Jacquard shedding, the weaver can produce large and intricate weaving designs that are beyond the scope of dobby and cam shedding.
  • Q: What are parts are needed if I want to start with jacquard weaving?

    A: Except weaving loom and electronic jacquard, the weaver also needs to prepare gantry structure and jacquard harness; the jacquard harness consists of cords, healds, comber board and lingoes that transmit the movement of the hooks to the individual warp ends.