Introduction of German dornier rapier loom

Two types of rigid rapier looms, H and HS, produced by German company Dornier, have a wide range of applications. It can produce different kinds and sizes of weft yarn raw materials, and can greatly change the weft yarn, structure and density. It can weave a variety of low-strength yarns, can weave some special yarns (non-wear-resistant yarns), in addition to clothing fabrics, but also can produce a variety of industrial fabrics.

Rotation of loom

The main structure of the Dornier rapier loom is composed of two side wallboards and a solid breast beam with parallel tracks in the center.

The bracket of the torsional structure ensures the stability of the loom at high speed. All the components related to the width are installed on the parallel track of the bracket. As long as the fixed element is released, it can slide along the parallel track to the desired position. The rapier barrel tubes on both sides of the Dornier rapier loom keep the rapier running steadily. The loom is driven by a main motor running continuously on the left side. There are two main gearboxes in the wall panels on both sides, which are responsible for the reciprocating motion of rapier and the beating-up motion of reed during weft insertion The motor and gear box are connected by clutch and brake assembly. A small slow motor on the side of the main motor is used to inch the loom.

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