The common failure in air jet loom production 2

What is the function of the shearing airflow?

Filling in for yarn on the side of the scissors was cut, will produce the spring back, weft to prevent from the main nozzle, pops up in the air from the main nozzle jet in a certain pressure, to prevent filling out, should be based on weft after cutting, filling in the rear of the main nozzle is flabby, to change the size of the shear stress.

What is the role of a jet stream at a time?

In loom continuous operation or stops, must give the main nozzle air pressure, in order to prevent the weft yarn from the main nozzle, the size of the air pressure to make filling out not advisable, such as air pressure is too large, machine operation or stops, the main nozzle in the weft blown off sometimes.

What is the effect of early delay in the insertion time?

①The filling time is long and the filling time is low, but when it is too low, it will cause the weft yarn to be suspended.

②Delay of insertion time, the arrival time of the filling yarn is late, and the air pressure of the main auxiliary nozzle should be added to reduce the defect of the right weft, the gas consumption will increase.

③The warp is good, the opening can lead time in advance, and otherwise the insertion time should be a little late.

What is the reason for the contraction of the filling?

①The pressure of the main nozzle is too low and the filling is too weak;

②The main nozzle contains the flying debris blocking, the actual air pressure and the gas flow is small;

③Main nozzle or auxiliary main nozzle air leak;

④The weft yarn is large and the twist is large;

⑤The weft and the shear pressure is too small, the weft yarn bounces;

⑥The side warp is slack.

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