The discovery and elimination of common faults in picanol weaving looms

(1) The causes of the bad winging

1. Behind the machine, the spring of the pagoda spring is relaxed.
2. The skewers are not good at the top and bottom of the skewers (the edge is usually the plain position, and the skewers have a skewers on each side of the skewers).
3. Wring side device doup,or the parts have been worn out.
4. The selection of Hank yarn and the error of the method.

(2) Several reasons for breaking and stopping

1. Sword with blade wear.
2. Installation and selection of side bracing rings.
3. The wringer is too hard to compress the edge heald,the distance or clearance is too small.
4. If the opening time is too late, the weaving parameters should be adjusted according to the variety.
5. Too high or too low.
6. Uneven tension and tension.

(3) The suspension of the car

1. Check whether the weft insertion is missing and correct the winding number of the filling in the weft.
2. Check whether the holding force of the sword is moderate.
3. Check the timing of the sword-cutting time and the scissors time of wei shearing. Into the sword time 45 °~ 65 °into the organization the first root yarn.
4. Check out the sword of time cooperate with flat all the time whether good (sword back time and put together at the same time, 309 °~ 325 °to the corresponding point of the sword head back to organize the first warp).
Check whether the tension of the weft tension is moderate.
If the color bar is too late or too high, the weft will not be in the tip of the blade when it reaches the weft. If such a problem exists, adjust the height of the weft lever and rotate the loom to the position of the yarn. Check the position of the yarn on the yarn is right.
7. Check whether the head is deformed and the head is raised.
8.The inspection of the swort belt is severely frayed, so that the sword-belt and the guide track are too big, and the sword-belt movement does not move up and down.
9.Check the elastic strength of the blade, whether it is inadequate or not properly regulated. Check the head of the sword into the shed, and the weft yarn has untongs. (when turning the loom to the weft blade, check the tongs and hold the yarn) if it is easy to fall off, the clamping force should be adjusted.
10, weft scissors cutting time check whether early (generally between 65 ° ~ 75 °), namely the weft in has not been fully into the sent jian head when the jaw has been cut off, reduce the tension of weft from pliers mouth slippage.
11. Check whether the weft insertion is caused by too little tension.
12. Check the delivery of the sword and the handover of the sword. Will loom connecting to 184 ° or 186 ° location. 13.Check for the correct position of the head of the sword, and use the hand to push the blade to check its activity.
13. Check whether it is because the guide rail is uneven and it makes the head of the sword jump.
14. Check whether the perforation of the sword wheel and the perforation of the sword is seriously frayed. The position of the sword head is not stable.
15. Check whether the filling is slipping off the pliers before pulling into the shed.
16.check for open clamp device clamp time too late, or pick up sword weft yarn tail is too long, cause weft again, clip weft yarn taboo spring clamp will snap, the reason may have up to pick up the sword sweet mouths yarn, weft insertion again, not always to the new cotton clip and slippage.
17. The reason for the half-width or full width of the cloth is: the scissors are not sharp and the weft is pulled. The weft pliers are too tight or the weft is too tight in the clamping spring.
18. Check the weft sworte belt, and whether the guide is worn or loose. Whether the driver caused the handover error due to vibration during driving. If the wear is serious, it can sometimes break the head of the sword (usually the swordband and guide slide are worn easily, and the weft sword import and export wear is the fastest).
19. Check whether the weft insertion sword is on the low side, such phenomenon correction method: the front pad of the weft sword is corrected.
20. Check whether the base and blade of the sword are worn, and the two sword belts are worn, but can continue to be used and replace a new swordband to reduce the accumulation of errors.

(4) The fault is shut down

1. Check whether the guide roller is fuzz.
2. Check the sword belt, whether the sword has the hair and the sharp mouth.
3. Check the height of the warp thread: whether the sword head and the sword band are rubbed and the lower warp; Whether the warp is touching the sley.
4. The tension disorder of the warp thread.

(5) The reasons for the abnormal sound of the frame.

1. Bad clearance and bending.
2.The bar bending and the frame friction, make the frame partition easily and screw loose.
3. Back to the comprehensive mechanism.

(6) The cause of parking is not allowed

1. The brake clearance is large.
2. The friction surfaces are greasy.
The brake and the clutch are not in contact with the board.

(7) The causes of the hook yarn

1. Low of topper board and low heald.
2. It is too late.
3. The right waste side tension is not tight, the waste side is too little.

(8) The origin of cloud weaving.

1. Bad effects of winding and delivering, uneven filling strips.
2. The selection of heald and reed has direct influence, including weaving process.

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