Dornier A1 Weaving Machines

Highest productivity and best quality of fabric 

The new generation of Dornier A1 weaving machines is the real universal loom machine, which provides innovative solutions for existing and future weaving problems. Based on the technology of the Dornier weaving machines, A1 has developed into a new generation of air jet loom based on three different systems, with a new electronic control system and a practical main driving concept. 

The scope of application is extremely wide 

Whether it's a simple CAM device, a jacquard machine with 12, 000 stitches, a dobby with up to 16 pages, or an easy Dornier weaving machines device. The A1 jet loom is the best choice for the best and most economical means of producing innovation and precision industry cloth, textile fabrics and clothing fabrics. Machines range from 150cm to 540cm (59-212 inches). 

The A1 installation has multiple patented components, such as Dornier  PIC or Dornier weaving machines with Servo Control. Real-time weft insertion control system, Dorniers PneumaTucker pneumatic folding system, which guarantees the safety of the production of the Dornier air jet looms and makes other jet looms not.

A1 has a wide range of applications for weaving industrial fabrics, tulle, compact airbags and conveyor belts, as well as car and airplane seat furnishing fabrics. Clothing with thin worsted wool, Egyptian cotton jacquard satin and sports fabrics, functional fabrics, as well as decorative home textiles, fitted with different width of napkins cloth, curtain cloth, all of these fabrics and other fabric can be more on the A1 weaving, and good quality. 

The filling system of Dornier weaving machines is unique and safe and reliable. Dornier weaving machines PIC and Dornier weaving machines with Servo Control? The real time control of weft insertion system control, and has the Dornier rapier loom machine shed geometry characteristics and advantages of weft insertion time, so for the flexibility of air-jet loom, Dornier A1 weaving machines efficiency and fabric quality pioneered a new field.

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