The whole loom is divided into five major sports

1.The let-off motion

The warp thread on the warp beam is moved forward by sending the motor.

The warp tension sensor detects the tension of warp thread and guarantees the movement speed.

The action of the elastic spring and the rear beam is to eliminate the tension caused by the movement of the open movement and keep the warp tension constant.

2. Open movement

A heald frame makes the warp and yarn movement form the knitting.

Multi - arm, according to the pattern plate diagram through each connecting rod control heald.

A connecting rod connecting a multi-arm and a heald frame.

3. Insertion motion

Move the weft of the left and right sword head and bring in the weft.

The weft box drives the sword wheel, the sword band, the control of the sword head reciprocating movement.

4. Weft motion

Using the swing of the steel reed to realize the tightening of the weft yarn, the warp and weft weave fabric.

5. Coiling motion

The woven fabric has a regular lead from the knitting, and it is rolled up on the roll to control the weft of the fabric.

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