Industrial Textiles Have Entered a Rapid Development Period

The latest data from Chinese Textiles Industry Association shows that the industrial added value, total profit of industrial textile products have a respective growth of 9.1% and 8.3% in 2016 compared with last year. The sales profit rate is 6.2%, significantly higher than the average in the textile industry.

Industrial Textiles Have Entered a Rapid Development Period

"China's industrial textiles industry has entered into a rapid development phase. It is the new growth pole of the textile industry." Chinese Industrial Textiles Association President Li Lingshen said in the interview with reporters from Ecomomic Daily.

Industrial textile is an important part of the textile industry, it is different from the general clothing, home textiles. Industrial textiles have special design and take on structural characteristics, they have been widely used in medical and health, environmental protection, civil engineering, transportation, emergency, aerospace and other fields. It embodies the features of high technology content, wide application, huge market potential, and is part of the strategic new material, the current focus of the global textile industry.

In recent years, the textile industry of our country is developing rapidly, with continuously growing market applications, continuously improving quality and efficiency. Industrial textiles have become the major economic growth pole in the textile industry; it has also contributed to the upgrade of consumption, structural adjustment of the textile industry, and the development of related fields of the national economy.

Technology innovation will be the core power in the development of textile industry. New materials, new equipments, information technology, Internet, big data and other scientific and technological progress have provided strong support for the development of this industry. The raising consciousness of environmental protection, development of the health and pension industry, the expansion of emerging industry and "The Belt and Road" construction, have created development space of the textiles industry.

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