QJH910 flexible rapier loom is the most popular machine and the representative of mature technology among all the weaving looms we supply. This high speed rapier loom model has applied the latest mechatronics technology, and can achieve stable performance with low vibration and less noise. The machine can also change weaving speed to suit various weaving needs. It is one of the most economical textile looms for sale with high intelligence and high cost performance.

Salient Features Of
QJH910 Rapier Loom

Accurate Control

The weaving loom adopts digital loop control servo electronic let-off and take-up, to achieve the constant tension weaving.

Strong Beat-up

Powerful bilateral conjugate cam generates strong beating rigidity.

Optimal Fabric Quality

With the functions of digital control positioning stop and run, intelligent auto pick finding, auto compensation for weft breakage and warp breakage, the flexible rapier loom can improve the fabric quality.

Fast Fault Control

The loom can realize intelligent fault display and accurately determine the fault reason, and provide test scheme.

Convenient Management

The loom can automatically calculate yield and total output, and can realize group control by management network. it also has the function of changing fabric variety in the shortest time.

QJH910 Rapier Loom

Technical Specs Of
QJH910 Rapier Loom


190cm, 210cm, 220cm, 230cm, 260cm, 280cm, 300cm, 320cm, 340cm, 360cm

Operation speed

190cm 380~420rpm

280cm 258~285rpm

320cm 226~250rpm

Yarn scope

3s~80s,cotton, wool, linen, blended yarn, polyester and etc.

Weft density

1.57~134 picks/cm

Take up

electronic take-up driven by servo motor, beam diameter φ600mm (on loom) or φ1200mm (off loom)


electronic let-off driven by servo motor, beam diameter φ800mm or φ1000mm


Underneath typeelectronic dobby 12~20 frames

Color selector

high speed electronic weft selector controlled bystepping motor, 4~16 colors

Weft insertion



electronic leno selvage device


high power main motor, power rating 5.5KW

Automatic functions

automatic warp stop, automatic weft stop,automatic pick finding

Electronic control

With 32-bit CPU control system and embedded software, the rapier loom can guarantee with highest fabric quality, prompt detection of machine error and the convenient management.

Application Video Of
QJH910 Rapier Loom

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