Industrial fabric loom is a special kind of textile loom used for weaving industrial cloth. The shedding, weft insertion mechanism, take-up, let-off, selvage mechanism are specially designed to meet the weaving needs.

We provide textile solutions for weaving different industrial fabrics, such as glass fiber, spray painting poster cloth, flat filament and etc. Our industrial fabric loom machine is widely applied in the industries like civil engineering, hydraulic construction, advertising and etc.

We have a wide range of industrial weaving machine for sale with width ranging from 190cm to 360cm. We assure our customer with best quality looms and most competitive price.

  • Wire Mesh Weaving
    Wire Mesh Weaving

    This machine is able to weave different types of metal wire mesh, including plain and twill.

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  • Industrial Screen Weaving
    Industrial Screen Weaving

    This model is designed for weaving industrial screen for special purpose, such as heavy press fabric/screen, desulfurization fabric/screen and etc.

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  • Paper Forming Mesh Weaving
    Paper Forming Mesh Weaving

    Forming mesh/fabric is an important part of papermaking machine; it is the part for forming paper and dehydration.This model is designed for weaving single layer and multi-layers forming mesh, it is t...

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  • Fire Retardant Conveyor Core Weaving
    Fire Retardant Conveyor Core Weaving

    This machine is designed for weaving fire retardant conveyor core used in mining, metallurgy and chemical industry.

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  • LG798-I Jute Loom
    LG798-I Jute Loom

    Industrial weaving machine can be used to weave geotechnical cloth, filter cloth, canvas, electronic fabric, gridding cloth, car cloth, airplane cloth, glass-fiber mesh and etc. Our company is offerin...

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Advantages of Sinotextile Industrial Fabric Loom

  • 1
    Application of heavy back rest, heavy temple and heavy take-up mechanism, able to realize weaving warp tension up to 3 tons
  • 2
    Newly developed fabric rolling technique that can solve weft displacement problem and improve quality.
  • 3
    Different models available to meet various industrial fabrics like paper-making mesh, industrial filter, squeezing net, conveyor belt core, geotechnical cloth and so on.
  • 4
    Provide industrial fabric solutions with more price advantage than European loom manufacturers.

Richard SWIFT

The quality of the weaving machines provided by SINOTEXTILE is very good, and they provide very enthusiastic after-sales service, which is a reliable partner.

Industrial Fabric Loom Related FAQs

  • Q: Industrial fabrics are applied in which fields?

    Industrial fabrics are specially designed and with certain features for the fields of medical service, environmental conservation, civil construction, transportation, safety protection, aeronautics and astronautics, new energy, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery and so on.
  • Q: What are the most frequently high-performance fibers applied in industrial fabric?

    Glassfiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, polyethylene fiber, Basalt fiber and its composites, polyphenylene sulfide and so on.
  • Q: How to weave the unidirectional carbon fiber fabric?

    In weaving unidirectional carbon fiber fabric, carbon fiber is used as warp, and low melting fiberglass used as weft. Before winding onto the cloth roll, the warp and weft will interlace and then pass though a heating roller so that fiberglass weft melts and stick the bundle of carbon fiber.