We offer a wide range of rapier loom spares parts for our customers. These rapier loom parts are highly praised for sturdy construction, long endurance, high strength, easy installation and widely used in Chinese and foreign imported rapier looms.

Our rapier spare parts include drive wheel, gripper opener, guide hook, rapier gripper, rapier tapes and etc. These parts can be used on machines like Sulzer, Picanol, Vamatex, Somet, Nuvo Pignone, Kingtex, Rifa, Wanli, Titan and etc.

The provided spare parts are of high quality comparable with original spares. All our spare parts are manufactured using the finest quality raw material and progressive techniques in conformance with textile industry standards. We assure customers our best price and service. The weaving loom spare parts offered by us will get through a series of tests on various parameters in order to remove any possibility of defect.

  • Rapier Gripper
    Rapier Gripper

    We have a wide range of gripper openers suitable for various types of rapier loom.

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  • Rapier Tape
    Rapier Tape

    Rapier tape is used cooperatively with rapier drive wheel and gripper head to finish weft insertion process on the rapier loom.

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  • Gripper Opener
    Gripper Opener

    We have a wide range of gripper openers suitable for various types of rapier loom. These gripper openers have high durablity, accuracy in size and shape.

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  • Drive Wheel
    Drive Wheel

    Rapier drive wheel is among the essential parts of a rapier loom. We can offer a wide range of carbon fibre composite drive wheel and all-metal drive wheel, for models including GTM, GTW, GTM-AS,etc.

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  • Guide Hook
    Guide Hook

    We are involved in offering an assorted range of guide hooks. These provided hooks are designed to fasten various kinds of components in the machinery.

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Advantages of Rapier Loom Spare Parts

  • 1
    Sinotextile rapier spare parts are of the highest quality to ensure optimum performance of your rapier looms.
  • 2
    Our well-established infrastructure and equipment guarantee high production reliability at high speeds
  • 3
    A wide range of rapier loom spare parts frequently updated to meet various requirement of weavers.
  • 4
    Sinotextile parts have been supplying to domestic rapier loom manufacturers, quality close to original ones.

Richard SWIFT

The quality of the weaving machines provided by SINOTEXTILE is very good, and they provide very enthusiastic after-sales service, which is a reliable partner.

Rapier Loom Spare Parts FAQs

  • Q: Which are the most needed consumable parts on rapier looms?

    A: Rapier gripper, rapier tape, rapier sprocket wheel, weft cutting blade and so on. Rapier gripper head accounts for 50% of total material consumption in the rapier loom.
  • Q: What are the advantages rigid rapiers?

    A: Rigid rapiers do not require guiding across the warp sheet; the rapier head slides on the warp, or on the race board;
    High mass and rigid construction ensures straight movement of rapier heads;
    A great diversity for both warp and weft threads in yarn count and character.
  • Q: What are the advantages of flexible rapiers?

    A: Less floor space requirements, spatial productivity is higher.
    Flexible rapier band are wound on wheels or placed in semi-circular channels when they are withdrawn outside the shed, and the result is wide working widths up to 12 meters.
  • Q: How to choose the right gripper head for your rapier loom?

    A: 1. Most gripper head can be confirmed by providing your loom brand and model;
    2. In some cases, the gripper head has different variation in gripper clamp, base plate according to different types of yarn being woven; like the gripper for GS900, G6300, Leonardo and so on.