More and more Chinese textile companies are choosing the looms of Dornier Co., Ltd. to meet

Due to the high-tech boom in China, the industrial textile market has been growing rapidly in recent years. More and more Chinese textile companies are choosing the looms of Dornier Co., Ltd. to meet the growing demand for high-quality industrial textiles. According to Mr. Boch, Director of China Marketing and Publicity Center of Dornier, Dornier loom is not only used to weave beautiful scarves and high-end women's clothes with cashmere, wool and silk as raw materials, but also to weave complex carbon fiber aircraft parts. Compared with special coated fabrics, airbags, tire cord fabrics and filter fabrics, carbon fiber fabrics are also part of the growing global market for industrial textiles.

For companies, China has always been an important market. Mr. Gerd Schmitz, Director of China Loom Business, Dornier, said: "China has become the company's largest market because of the growing demand for high-quality textiles."

Major drivers of increased demand

Mr. Karcier, director of product management at Dornier, said that hot topics such as environmental protection, sustainable development, reducing fuel consumption and safety were the main forces driving innovation in industrial textiles.

Mr. Karcier said: "Loom fabrics have advantages in specific properties and can meet the challenges in these areas today, while industrial textiles can provide solutions. For example, light materials, filters and innovative airbags.

Focus on R&D and develop more innovative solutions

Mr. Karcier also revealed that the company would continue to invest most of its revenue in R&D activities to strengthen its technical leadership. "The large number of new products in our company's product portfolio is evidence of Dornier’s innovative strength. We not only provide high productivity machines for mass production, but also highly flexible machines to meet future challenges. "

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