In carpet, agriculture, military and geotextile industry, there exists the demand for super-wide width fabric. Normal weaving machinery like rapier loom, airjet loom, water loom, projectile loom have the width limit around 4 meters, but our team can supply ultra-wide width weaving machine up to 50 meters.

Ultra-wide Width Weaving

For the production of same quantity fabric, the super-wide width rapier weaving machine occupies less space than normal width looms, The wider width loom is also much more economic in terms of energy consumption, and more productive in terms of fabric weaving.
Crank type and cam type beat-up system for our wide width machine, to suit light, medium and heavy fabrics.
Due to the relatively low running speed, loom spare parts can be used for longtime without replacement, the maintenance cost is extremely low.
Our special weft insertion system enables the wider-width loom to weave fabric width double than the loom loom, which has only been practiced in shuttle loom before. For example, our 7 meter reed width rapier is able to produce 13.5 meter width fabric.

Except for wider width weaving loom, Sinotextile can also provide weaving machines suitable for PC/PU fiber ribbons, carpets, luggage cover, outdoor mat, velvet, mesh fabric, bamboo fabric and etc. We strive to offer solution for diversified special needs from customer.

Ultra-wide Width Weaving

Ultra-wide Width Weaving


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