The function, performance and oil selection principle of textile machinery oil

1. The role of oil in textile machinery;
It has the function of reducing friction, reducing wear, cooling, anti-corrosion, cushioning and cleaning.

2. Performance requirements;
Textile machinery oil shall meet the following requirements; Suitable viscosity, good oxidation stability and thermal stability, anti-corrosion and anti-emulsification, sufficient anti-wear, good anti-foam, adhesion and so on.

3. General oil selection principle of textile machinery;
Heavy load, with high viscosity and oil, or extreme pressure properties.
The high speed of the use of the viscosity of the large lubricants, low - speed moving parts with small viscosity lubricants. In the wet environment, or in the working condition with more contact with water, it is necessary to choose the lubricating oil with better emulsifying properties, oil and rust resistance. The machine that runs in low temperature environment should use the viscosity and the lower oil. On the other hand, choose the viscosity, high flash point, anti-oxidative good lubricants.

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