SUN300/400/500 series electronic jacquard machines are suitable for rapier loom, water jet loom and air-jet loom. It is ideal for weaving saree, silk fabrics, lining fabrics, terry cloth, upholstery, dress material, or seat covers and etc. The jacquard machinery is available from 1408 hooks to 25600 hooks.

Salient Features Of
Sun300 400 500 Jacquard Machine

We work out the best and the most economic solution for every customer’s weaving needs. The jacquard machine can be available in different speed from 300rpm, 400rpm to 500 rpm, with three types of inner structure including chain, double chain and gear. The Axial fans with strong wind, low noise long endurance and stable performance, ensures the stability of whole electrical system.
Easy installation and adjustment
Integrated honeycomb structure generates the most reliable machine body
Diversified inner structure choice
Special mechanical structure to ensure maximum lifespan
Suitable for heavy load weaving
Sun300 400 500 Jacquard Machine

Technical Specs Of
Sun300 400 500 Jacquard Machine

Field of application

Rapier loom, water jet loom, air-jet loom

Fabric suitability

All flat fabrics, terry cloth and technical fabrics

Available hooks

1408~25600 hooks

Maximum speed

300rpm, 400rpm, 500rpm

Opening height


Transmission model

Chaindrive, shaft drive

Hook selection

Staubli, M5 with bearing

Electronic control


Our jacquard weaving machine has already been mounted on domestic and imported European high speed looms and successfully running. The strict control on each jacquard spare part ensures the maximum lifespan and least maintainence of our jacquard.

Application Video Of
Sun300 400 500 Jacquard Machine

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