Types of Weaving Machines by Sinotextile

Weaving machines play the most important role in textile machinery as they are used to weave different kinds of natural, chemical and blended yarns into fabrics. Weaving looms can be divided into shuttle looms and shuttles looms, and shuttles looms are consist of rapier looms, air jet looms, water jet looms and projectile looms.

In the recent 20 year, weaving machinery in China has experienced a leaping development; the manufacturing ability in China nowadays is close to the level of European countries, and Sino Textile represents the highest level of Chinese weaving machines.

As an integrated supplier of weaving machines, we are now providing high speed rapier looms, low speed rapier looms, jacquard looms, terry towel looms, industrial fabric looms and air jet looms. These weaving looms have the features of Europeans looms, and also contain domestic design and technique. Diversified product range, reasonable price and first class quality have enabled us to provide specialized and right solutions for both domestic and overseas customers.

We are committed to become the leading supplier of weaving equipments and solutions in the world.

Advantages of Advanced Textile Weaving Machines

Advantages of Advanced Textile Weaving Machines

Advantages of Advanced Textile Weaving Machines



  • 1

    Abundant experience and types of weaving machines to realize your specific weaving needs.

  • 2

    Group of engineers and service staff standby to solve any problem in using Sinotextile weaving machines.

  • 3

    Automatic control system with stable performance and low energy consumption.

  • 4

    High intellectualization boosts weaving efficiency, reduce the customer's labor cost.

  • 5

    Branches and offices in a number of countries including India, Pakistan, Middle East, Europe and so on.

Textile Weaving Machines Related FAQs

  • Q: Which Basic Information You need to Provide us to Buy a Weaving Loom?

    A:  Loom type—rapier or air-jet or water jet;

         loom reed width or fabric width;

         shedding mechanism—dobby or cam or jacquard;

         color selection—2, 4, 6, 8 or more colors;

         optional configuration--tuck-in device, batch winding machine, ELO/ETU, selvage formation and so on.

  • Q: What Information needed If You Want to Weave the Fabric without knowing which Loom is most Suitab

    A: Yarn specification, weft and warp density, fabric structure, machine speed or the production you wish to reach per hour.

  • Q: What other Machinery we can use to Increase Mill Efficiency?

    A: In order to increase weaving mill efficiency, Sinotextile suggests warp knotting machine, heald frame and weaver's beam trolley, beam storage system, automatic drawing-in machine, fabric inspection machine and so on.

  • Q: What are the End-use Fields of Woven Fabrics?

    A: Woven fabrics are manufactured for mainly three purposes—apparel fabrics like suits, dresses, shirts, coats, sportswear; household furnishings like curtains, tablecloth, bed sheets, towels, carpets; and industrial fabrics like transmission belts, safety belts, sack cloth, tent cloth, geotextiles.