We are always looking for quality Used Textile Machinery. If you have good conditioned used looms for sale, please fill in the following form. In the “Content” part please offer as detailed information as possible, which include—

Brand- manufactured by which co.?
Model- which model?
Year- year of the machine?
Width- what is the reed width?
Qty- how many sets?
Speed- Max speed machine can run?
Dobby/Jacquard brand- manufactured by which co.?
Shaft of dobby/hooks of jacquard- how many?
Heald frames- how many frames?
Color- how many colors?
Warp beam- diameter and qty?
Cloth roller- diameter and qty?
Heald wire- how many?
Drop pin- how many?
Condition- running or stopped?
Location-which place?

After that please click "submit", and we'll contact you as soon as possible.