Weft Sensor is used for weft detection on weaving looms. During the weft insertion process the weft yarn is drawn from the thread guide of the sensor. This yarn movement is converted into electrical signal by piezo element inside the sensor. This electrical signal is amplified and evaluated along with flag position to detect broken weft and stop the machine. Our weft detector is available in various specifications covering 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 holes. We supply weft sensors that can be applied to Picanol, Smit, Sulzer, Dornier, Somet, Kingtex, Rifa, Wanli and etc.

Our weft sensor can meet the weaving needs of constantly changing fabric varieties; furthermore, it is suitable for weaving different spec yarns at the same time. The weft sensor can also achieve on-spot control and data acquisition/monitoring with the application of CAN bus system.

The weft detectors are engineered in conformity with international industrial standards to ensure optimum performance.

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