Types of Somet Loom Spare Parts

Mechanical looms can be divided into shuttle looms and shuttleless looms according to the weft insertion method. Now shuttle looms are mostly replaced by shuttleless looms. The weft insertion methods of shuttleless looms are various, including rapier, jet (jet, water jet), shuttle, multi-shuttle (multi-phase) and weaving.

1. Rapier Loom

Rapier somet loom spare parts have rigid or flexible rapier head, bringing clamping, weft guiding yarn. The rapier loom is not only suitable for weaving plain and veined fabrics, but also suitable for multi-color weft fabrics. It is suitable for the production of dyed, double-layer velvet fabrics, terry fabrics and decorative fabrics.

2. Air-jet looms

Air-jet somet loom spare parts have jet compressed air flow to pull the weft yarn and take the weft through the shuttle. Air-jet loom is characterized by fast speed and high labor productivity. It is suitable for the production of plain and grain fabrics, fine and super-high density fabrics and large batches of fabrics.

3. Water-jet loom

Water-jet loom uses water as weft insertion medium to produce friction traction force on weft yarn by jet water, which leads weft yarn on fixed cylinder into shuttle. Water-jet loom is characterized by high speed and high output per unit. It is mainly suitable for the production of hydrophobic filament chemical fabric with smooth surface.

4. Shuttle Loom

The shuttle loom holds the weft yarn with a small piece shuttle with clips and projects weft insertion. The shuttle loom has the advantages of stable weft insertion, excellent fabric quality and less weft yarn return. It is suitable for the production of multi-color weft fabrics, fine, thick and wide fabrics.

There are many kinds of shuttleless looms. During operation, the relevant personnel should adopt different weaving equipment and processes according to the different textile raw materials, which is conducive to improving the quality of textile.

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