The Main Problems in the Textile Machinery Industry

Although the textile machinery industry has achieved great achievements, the "low-cost competition" has been losing its advantage in the development of new trend of manufacturing industry transfer. First, the limited market of low-end products has become smaller and smaller, it is unable to maintain the low cost competitive advantage of low-end products. Even if the limited market can sustain some low-end products in the market and continue its low-cost competition, the profits are very limited, this makes the living space of the enterprise more and more narrow, let alone development; Secondly, the international famous textile machinery manufacturer directly to China to invest in the construction plant, its manufacturing cost of the big drop, which obviously improves the product competitiveness; In the end, with the development of society, the price of production material rises and the labor conditions change, the cost of products is increasing, and the development of the textile machinery industry is greatly restricted by the lack of innovation. How to lay off the advantages of "low cost competition" and start a new future of textile machinery industry. We must be aware of the problems that exist in the process of industry development.

The whole machine level is low

The textile machinery manufacturing of our country is complete, the traditional fiber processing machinery still occupies the dominant position of textile machinery products. Although the domestic spinning machine has certain advantages in market share, it still has a large gap with international advanced level in terms of spinning technology level and spinning process control.

Economic inefficiency

It's still lower in the better case. Because of the poor economic benefits, the investment in technology research and development should not be high. The long-term continuance of this situation is bound to cause enterprises to have insufficient strength, which greatly limits the healthy development of the industry.

The awareness of rights is unclear

Many enterprises cannot understand the concept of intellectual property. Most enterprises attach great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, and do not understand and are not good at the use of intellectual property. There is a general lack of understanding of the innovative thinking mode of intellectual property protection mechanism, i.e. the lack of effective use of concept and consciousness is only the protection concept of property rights integrity.

The spinning machine is the carrier of many scientific and extensive applications, and the public technology covers all product categories. Although the industry has been transformed from a planned economy into a market economy for more than a decade, the concept of industrial division of labor is far from being changed. In particular, the wide application of public technology has not formed effective business operation mode. Due to the lack of effective commercial public technology platform, the product development and new products are restricted.

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