The common fault in jet loom production 3

What is the reason for the contraction of the side yarn?

If the opening angle is too early, the weft end cannot be straightened at the end of the knitting.

The main nozzle and the auxiliary nozzle have low air pressure, the filling speed is slow, unstable and the weft tension is small.

The height of the heald frame is not suitable, which affects the speed of the filling speed, resulting in the weft insertion.

Improper injection timing of the main nozzle and the auxiliary nozzle, causing the filling to fly in a relaxed state;

The main auxiliary nozzle and trachea have leakage and blockage;

The distance between the two nozzles at the end is too large;

The shear time of the left scissors was premature and the shear was bad.

On the right side of the side of the twisted edge yarn or the knitter is not good, it cannot hold the weft yarn, causing the weft to bounce back and produce the weft.

The twist of the weft twist is large and unstable. The weft is low in moisture, low tension and easy to start winding, resulting in weft insertion.

The filling yarn is not evenly wound in the weft feeder, and the time of the yarn is not well matched with the injection time.

What are the causes of the removal defect?

In the fabric, three or more weft threads are in the same weave, which is called declination, which is mainly caused by the broken weft.

The sensitivity setting of the weft machine (phototube) is too high, which causes the suspension of the car.

Photoelectric tube damage, control circuit board failure, photoelectric tube connection poor;

The photoelectric tube is dirty, or the steel reed has the product inside the slot, and the steel reed of the photoelectric tube is dirty.

The right side of the yarn or the waste edge yarn is too loose, causing the photoelectric tube to be mistaken.

What is the reason for the defect of the fabric?

In the weaving process, the weft is interrupted by the dentures of the reed, and the discontinuity of weft is formed in the fabric. The main causes are:

The height of the heald frame is not proper and the position of the weft is not right.

If the opening time is too early or too late, the opening amount will not be appropriate and will not be conducive to beating.

The back beam and the suspension height are too low.

What effect will it have on the motor belt tightening?

1) if the motor belt too loose, start the skid phenomenon happens, loom stop, stop location changes, prone to park, easy to produce uneven rotation and beating-up uneven phenomenon, belt wear speed up;

If the motor belt is too tight, the bearing of the motor shaft will wear out quickly, and the motor belt will accelerate the damage.

What's the solution to the pine side?

Warp in weaving process, edge by reed friction is bigger, or the difference between organization and to organize and make warp elongation of edge is bigger, relaxation, caused in the process of weft insertion affect weft into woven, formation of weft stop, solution generally include:

The number of people who change the number of people in the side of the organization increases;

Using the edge yarn, the thickness of the edge yarn is in line with the yarn of the warp.

The shear time of the left shear is corrected, and generally cannot be advanced.

The compactness difference between the edge organization and the ground is not too large;

Change the way the side is organized

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