How to Avoid Abrasion of Rapier Head and Rapier Belt of Rapier Loom?

Rapier loom machine is a kind of shuttleless loom. It is a general loom for weaving medium and small batches of colored fabrics with frequent variety modification. In the production process, rapier loom high-speed weft insertion, rapier head and rapier belt consumption accounted for more than half of the total material consumption of rapier loom. Therefore, how to effectively avoid the wear of rapier head and rapier belt is very important to save production costs.

1. Harm of wear and tear

With loom running 400 revolutions per minute and 20 hours per day, the rapier head reciprocates 960,000 times per day, which is unavoidable to wear and tear during long-term operation. The most easily worn parts of the sword head are the head, wings and bottom. Every time weft insertion occurs, the head of the sword will be rubbed by warp yarn, guide hook, sword board and guide rail when entering and withdrawing the sword. When the two wings of the sword head are worn seriously and form a knife-edge shape, it is easy to cause warp yarn broken ends, and even make the sword head jump out of the shuttle without the control of the guide hook, resulting in a large number of broken ends.

2. Causes of wear

The wear of rapier loom machine head on rapier loom is also closely related to the weaving variety. The wear of rapier head on different varieties is different.Wear of sword head is serious and its service life is short for coarse yarn count and high warp density fabrics.

The service life of chemical fiber products is shorter, because the head of the sword rubs and heats up on the chemical fiber warp yarn, which generates static electricity and makes the bottom of the sword head condense a layer of hardening material, which is easy to hang the warp yarn. The size composition used in warp sizing also has a great influence on the wear degree of the sword head.

Different size composition also has different influence on the wear of the sword head. The technological structure of rapier loom machine is also related to the abrasion of rapier head, especially the higher the height of back beam and the higher the tension of bottom warp yarn, the worse the abrasion of rapier head. Because the tension of the lower warp yarn is high, when the shed closes gradually, the upper warp yarn lifting of the lower warp makes the upper lifting force of the supporting blade head increase correspondingly, and the greater the extrusion friction force of the guide hook, the greater the wear of the blade head.

3. How to prevent wear and tear?

The tightness of time coordination between rapier weft insertion and warp yarn opening directly affects the wear of rapier head. The opening time of warp yarn is too early, the contact between weft feeding rapier head and warp yarn is less, and the contact between rapier head and warp yarn is more when the rapier is withdrawn, so the friction and extrusion between rapier head and warp yarn are more. Similarly, when the opening time of warp yarn is delayed, the contact between the blade and warp yarn will be less, but the weft feeding blade and warp yarn will contact more, so the friction and extrusion between the blade and warp yarn will be more. When choosing the size composition used in warp sizing, chemical size should be selected to reduce the wear of sizing on the blade head, which can greatly prolong the service life of the blade head. At the same time, it is very important to further study the coating technology of the rapier head and enhance the wear resistance of the surface coating of the rapier head for prolonging the life of the rapier head.

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