More than 10000 different spare parts can be found in our stock, covering almost all the weaving brands. The list includes Picanol, Vamatex, Somet, Dornier, Sulzer/Smit, Toyota, Tsudakoma, Iro/Roj, Bonas, Gross, Staubli, Muller, Van De Wiele. Our parts are widely used in mills with shuttle loom weaving, rapier weaving, air jet weaving, water jet weaving, projectile loom weaving, electronic jacquard weaving, carpet weaving and etc.

We never stop the development and research on weaving machinery parts, to find the and reliable and economic solution for our partners.
  • Picanol Spare Parts
    Picanol Spare Parts

    We provide a wide range of Picanol loom spare parts, especially for GAMMA, GTM, GTM-AS, OPTIMAX and etc. The replacement spares offered by us are manufactured by superior quality raw material in accor...

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  • Vamatex Spare Parts
    Vamatex Spare Parts

    Our rich experience and knowledge have enabled us to supply a vast range of Vamatex loom parts, especially for K88, LENARDO, PANTER, C401, P401, P1001, P1001ES and etc. These parts are among the most ...

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  • Somet Spare Parts
    Somet Spare Parts

    We provide various kinds of Somet loom spare parts, especially for THEMA11E, THEMA-SE, SM92, SM93 and etc. The offered loom spare parts are widely recognized among our clients for sturdiness, easy ins...

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  • DNR Spare Parts
    DNR Spare Parts

    We are involved in manufacturing a wide variety of ATDornier loom spare parts for our valued patrons. Our ATDornier spare parts are manufactured as per OEM specifications using high-graded raw materials.

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  • Sulzer Spare Parts
    Sulzer Spare Parts

    We are among the most professional manufacturers engaged in supplying optimum quality Sulzer spare parts to the textile industry. We provide a complete series of Sulzer loom spare parts cater to needs...

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  • Toyota Spare Parts
    Toyota Spare Parts

    Toyota provides the leading technology in water jet and air jet weaving looms that excel in speed and reliable performance. Therefore, the standard of spare parts for Toyota air jet and water jet loom...

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  • Tsudakoma Spare Parts
    Tsudakoma Spare Parts

    Tsudakoma has accumulated abundant experience in manufacturing water jet and air jet weaving looms. The spare parts to be used on Tsudakoma looms should be of high quality.Our Tsudakoma spare parts ar...

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  • Chinese Loom Spare Parts
    Chinese Loom Spare Parts

    We provide a wide series Chinese weaving machine spare parts for high speed rapier looms manufacturers like Kingtex, Wanli, Rifa, Youjia and etc; we also provide a complete range of China low speed ra...

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  • ROJ & IRO Spare Parts
    ROJ & IRO Spare Parts

    Roj and Iro have always been pioneers in weft feeding system. Thanks to the high quality and precision accessories, the weft feeders are able to minimize tension variations in the weft insertion, from...

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  • Muller Spare Parts
    Muller Spare Parts

    Jakob Muller has always been the leader in the systems and solutions for narrow fabrics, especially labels. The extremely high running speed requires spare parts with strict precision and reliability....

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  • Van De Wiele Spare Parts
    Van De Wiele Spare Parts

    Van De Wiele is the world leader in carpet weaving machinery, with abundant experience and knowledge. We are able to supply Van De Wiele spare parts for models like CRM, USX, CRP, CRT, CRX, MAX63, MPS...

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  • Itema Spare Parts
    Itema Spare Parts

    We provide a wide range of Itema spare parts and fast delivery to ensure a continuous running of weaving mills, for Itema rapier loom, air jet loom and projectile loom, covering the models of R9000, R...

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  • Panter Spare Parts
    Panter Spare Parts

    Panter rapier machine is famous for weaving heavy canvas fabrics, wide geotextile fabric, industrial screen, carbon and etc. The special running condition requires the Panter spare parts to be rigid a...

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Advantages of Parts by Brand

  • 1
    A wide range of spare parts covering most of the loom brand and models.
  • 2
    Our list is frequently increased and updated to meet various needs of weavers.
  • 3
    Our massive inventory enables the earliest delivery upon confirmation of order.
  • 4
    Customization is welcome if customer can provide sample or drawing.

Richard SWIFT

The quality of the weaving machines provided by SINOTEXTILE is very good, and they provide very enthusiastic after-sales service, which is a reliable partner.

Parts by Brand FAQs

  • Q: What can be the causes of warp breakage of Vamatex rapier loom?

    A: 1. Loom tension is improper.
    2. Automatic tension adjustment mechanism failure.
    3. Shed opening time is too early.
    4. Temple failure.
    5. Warp passage not smooth.
    6. Gripper head failure or fluff.
    7. Guide hook fluff.
    8. Warp passage mechanical position improper.
    9. Warp strength is poor.
  • Q: How to set the timing of weft insertion and beating-up of Dornier rapier loom?

    A: According to actual measurement, the movement process of HTV8/S-220 gripper as follow—left gripper starts moving at 50°, enters shed at 75°, reaches the position of weft handover position at 190°, after weft handover starts to retreat at 200°, fully exits shed at 310°. Right gripper head stops after exiting the shed, enters shed at 40°, reaches the position of weft handover position at 170°, after handover starts to retreat at 190°, fully exits shed at 315°.
    The reed movement timing needs to serve the weft insertion, movement process of reed as follow--motionless angle 240°, from 60° to 300°; motion angle 120°, from 300° to 60°; beating-up motionless position is 0°, 0° to 60° is beating-up backward stroke, backward stroke angle is 60°, 300° to 360° is forward stroke, forward stroke angle is 60°.
  • Q: For Dornier rapier loom with leno device, what are the daily check needs to be carried out?

    Q: 1. Position of creed stand.
    2. Function and cleaning of weft unwinding tension lamel.
    3. Function of weft cutter.
    4. Function of selvedge cutter.
    5. Function of leno device.
    6. Function of warp stop motion.
    7. Function of weft stop motion.
    8. Lubrication.