Basic knowledge of rapier loom

The rapier loom is the most widely used shuttle-free loom, which makes the warp and weft yarn woven into the fabric according to the process requirements. The following is a brief introduction to the G6300.

A.Weft frame

Main installation of the weft and filling bobbin.


To ensure the weft tension (before and after the weft insertion), the weft must pass through the tensioner.

C. Reservoir

The function of the weft is to reduce the tension in the winding process of the bobbin, and ensure that the weft insertion is introduced in the state of constant tension.

D. weft insertion machine

Responsible for detecting whether the weft is inserted into the weft by the end of the sword.

E.Color separator (choose weft)

Responsible for controlling the proper introduction of each color weft according to the process requirements, and the G6300 supports up to 8 colors.


The function is to tighten the weft yarn, determine the density of the warp yarn and control the width of the fabric.

G.Sword head

It is divided into the left and right sword head, which is the key component of the insertion, and is responsible for the filling and weaving of weft yarn.

H. Stop detector

There are six shut-down strips. When the warp ends are broken, the machine stops.

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