DF31J digital jacquard loom is a universal type of jacquard weaving loom. This model accounts for about 70% of home textiles market because of high cost performance and good quality. We have established long term strategic partnership with domestic jacquard machine manufacturers; this gives us more advantage in jacquard loom price.

Salient Features Of
DF31J Rapier Jacquard Loom

Driving Method
The jacquard weaving loom adopts vertical shaft transmission or independent transmission.
The rapier loom with digital jacquard shedding is easy to change organization, and saves the trouble of pattern card.

DF31J Rapier Jacquard Loom

Technical Specs Of
DF31J Rapier Jacquard Loom


190cm, 210cm, 220cm, 230cm, 260cm, 280cm, 300cm, 320cm, 340cm, 360cm

Operation speed

maximum design speed350rpm, economic speed240~280rpm (340cm model)

Weft density

4~200 picks/cm

Take up

electronic take-up driven by servo motor, beam diameter φ600mm


electronic let-off driven by servo motor, beam diameter φ800mm


Chinese electronic jacquard with 1344~12288 hooks

Color selector

high speed electronic weft selector controlled bystepping motor, 4~16 colors


electronic jacquard driven selvage device, or optional independent leno selvage controlled by stepping motor


asynchronous motor plus inverter or super motor

Automatic functions

automatic warp stop, automatic weft stop,automatic pick finding

Electronic control

With 32-bit CPU control system and embedded software

Application Video Of
DF31J Rapier Jacquard Loom

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