Common failure in jet loom production 5

What is the cause of short weft?

The number of precoiled winding of the weft feeder is too small;

The stop Angle of the weft drop is too early;

The forming and winding hardness of the weft bobbin are not good;

Main nozzle blockage, low pressure, less injection Angle;

The filling bobbin has a knot or a coarse yarn and a grain yarn;

When using multiple weft, the main nozzle or auxiliary main nozzle is connected with the weft of the drum, or the filling air ring
The suspension of the weft is poor.

What are the causes of the weft stop caused by blowing off the front end of the filling yarn?

①The beginning of the end of the weft;

②The scissors device is not good, it is not sharp;

③The pressure of the main nozzle is too high;

④The pressure of the auxiliary nozzle is too high;

⑤When the pressure is too high;

⑥The shear injection pressure is too high;

⑦The injection Angle of the shear injection is too long.

What is the reason for the long weft?

①The closing Angle of the filling pin is too late;

②The position of the scissor side scissor is not good, the shear amount is inconsistent, the shear Angle is improper, and the weft yarn is removed when the weft is cut off.

③The yarn of the filling yarn is not uniform;

④The filling drum of the weft feeder is too many winding, winding is too soft;

⑤The nozzle injection pressure of the main nozzle is too high;

What is the cause of the hole?

The height of the heald frame is not proper;

In the case of failure of the coiler, when it is unrolled or rolled out, it will be moved to the back of the machine, the tension of the warp will be broken, and the filling yarn in the mouth will be interrupted.

The reed is bad and the hard object falls into the mouth.

There are man-made injuries.

How to make a thin road when weaving?

①First check the parts of the machine and the bearing without wear and die;

②The gear meshing should be normal and there is no sliding phenomenon;

③The rollers cannot be skidded and the chain is elastic and suitable;

④Check the number of high weft insertion to be proper and the speed start is appropriate;

⑤To reasonably set the recovery (or compensation) parameters of the volume withdrawal and delivery.

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