Jacquard towel process conversion multi-arm upper machine technology

We often can be used to convert some jacquard towel pattern to dobby towel loom production, if have jacquard card files, we can use dobby CAD View60 function 【according to the organization to generate heald 】 automatically generated dobby pattern chart and heald diagram.

To address the habit, we will open the jacquard towel pattern which is also called the organization chart.

After open pattern file (organization chart) select 【dobby】menu click, 【according to the organization to generate heald】program automatically current graphics (organization chart) by the province drawing-in method (wear) generated heald figure, and according to the current graphics (organization chart) and generated the most province drawing-in method generates dobby fabric pattern.
To generate the ensemble, the title bar will show the total number of pages needed for the current organization chart, as shown in the figure below:

Because we directly convert a jacquard process pattern into lacing dobby towel, jacquard card actually the function of the empty pins and needles should not be such as to dobby towel lacing brown frame function, so we can use the delete needle functionality provided by the software, don't need the first region.
【process toolbar】 / 【[continuous increase and decrease of the warp and weft】

Two operation modes of deletion
1. Set the start [position] and delete [quantity] in the auxiliary toolbar and click the confirm button.
2. Pull the mouse on the diagram of the artisan and release the left key.
After removing unnecessary areas, reoperation [by tissue generation], 18 pages of heald, 2 pages, 2 pages, 6 pages, 8 pages.
The multi-arm design of the harness drawing and the striation chart display
【view setting】 / check【multi-arm】

But 1-8 pages are still more than most of the frame of the multi-arm loom, so we have to fix it. this towel effect favor by MAO effect, so we can only according to the amended, In order to convenient to modify, we can use software provided by the organization and the shop organization function to dobby pattern color.
The color of the map corresponding to the map of the multi-brachial pattern is adjusted.

From the organization chart and pattern diagram we see this pattern is used six satin, in order to keep the heald frame used for no more than 1-6 pages, so only six into four satin satin side, we can use the software function of the organizational design organization design first, then the organization chart or dobby pattern changes on the drawing, if you change in the organization chart, the need to click again, according to the organization to generate heald 】 【 to regenerate the dobby pattern 】.

Then press the dobby to draw the function needle or select the corresponding sample card
Can output corresponding towel electron multi - braid plate.
Current versions support WJL, TWL, Hea, DB1, Bin, Arm, etc.
Output electronic file format can be customized according to requirements.

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