Low speed rapier loom is also called China rapier loom; it is a new kind of shuttleless loom developed from the former shuttle looms. After years of development and update, China rapier looms have become the most popular weaving machines for start-up loom weaving companies. These machines are matured products and get wide recognition in domestic and overseas market. Our rapier machinery embodies the features of stable performance, good quality, and long time endurance. Also, this type of shuttleless loom price is not far from shuttle loom, hence is highly favorable in the market.

Thanks to our experienced technicians, we are now able to provide excellent quality flexible rapier loom. All our looms are manufactured with high quality spare parts in our own processing center to ensure the highest quality and performance of the machines. The rapier looms manufactured by us have an extensive adaptability, commonly used for weaving natural fibers (cotton, wool, hemp), artificial fibers, synthetic fibres and etc. The machines will undergo a series of tests and inspections to ensure the satisfaction from end users.

With strong R&D ability and advanced equipments, we can also make customized design and configuration in order to meet the various needs of our customers. The China rapier looms are especially welcome in countries like India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Pakistan and other ASEAN countries; our annual sales to these countries are above 2000 sets and the figure is continuously increasing. The customers buy weaving looms from us have always been satisfied with our price and service.

  • Ultra-wide Width Weaving
    Ultra-wide Width Weaving

    We provide wider width weaving loom up to 50 meters, in both crank and cam type, for weaving carpet and parachute and other special application.

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  • Fiberglass Weaving
    Fiberglass Weaving

    The model is designed for weaving fiberglass, with the features of stable performance, less weft abrasion and low noise.

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  • Jute & Sisal Weaving
    Jute & Sisal Weaving

    This loom is suitable for weaving thick and rugged raw wefts, including polypropylene, sisal, jute, wool and etc.

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  • Carbon Fiber Weaving
    Carbon Fiber Weaving

    This is an ideal loom for weaving carbon fiber due to its stable performace, reasonable price and low maintenance cost.

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  • GA736 Rapier Loom
    GA736 Rapier Loom

    The model represents the highest level of rapier loom in China, with an utmost running speed reaching more than 600rpm.

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  • GA788 Rapier Loom
    GA788 Rapier Loom

    An updated model of GA747 and decent replacement of shuttleless loom, the loom is the best seller in domestic and overseas market.

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Advantages of Sinotextile Low-Speed Rapier Loom

  • 1
    Simple structure and easy to operate
  • 2
    The model is especially favored by beginner and low budget weavers
  • 3
    Maintenance cost low and spare parts are easily available
  • 4
    The loom has a wide adaption suitable for natural fiber, artificial silk, synthetic fiber and so on.

Richard SWIFT

The quality of the weaving machines provided by SINOTEXTILE is very good, and they provide very enthusiastic after-sales service, which is a reliable partner.

Low Speed Rapier Loom Related FAQs

  • Q: Which fabric species can Sinotextile low-speed rapier looms weave?

    A: Sinotextile low speed rapier looms are suitable for natural fibers—cotton, wool, hemp, and manmade fibers. The fabric species include garment fabrics, decoration fabrics, and even industrial fabrics.
  • Q: What is the approximate cost of Sinotextile low speed rapier loom?

    A: According to different configuration, the cost of our low speed rapier loom falls in the range of 4500~12000USD.
  • Q: Why Sinotextile low speed rapier loom is the best choice for new weavers?

    A: Sinotextile low speed rapier looms are mature models and widely used in the domestic and overseas market. The unit cost and maintenance cost is low, and hence is suitable for low budget weavers and bulk purchase in areas with low land price.