Auxiliary Mechanism of Dornier Rigid Rapier Loom

Weft accumulator

The weft storage models of Dornier rapier loom are mainly RO J-AT1200 in Italy and ROJ-DART-AT1200 in Sweden and IRO-LASER in Sweden.

Weft finder

When the weft breaking stops, the weft finding device stops the weft insertion mechanism of the loom. Only the opening, beating and winding mechanism, the weft selecting device and the encoder operate. The weft-finding action of Dornier rapier loom is an automatic program, which is automatically executed when the weft-breaking occurs and starts after the weft-breaking occurs. Start the loom for positioning parking, the rapier clutch on both sides is detached, the weft insertion action is stopped, and the other loom agencies retreat one weft. Then the rapier clutch on both sides engages, and the loom can be started again after removing the broken weft in the shuttle. As long as the weft-finding button is pressed, the automatic weft-finding program can be repeated.

Multicolor weft weaving

Dornier rapier loom can be equipped with 2-12 color weft selector, commonly used are 4-color and 8-color weft selector. The weft selection finger of the weft selection device of the Dornier rapier loom is arranged in sector shape, so that the weft can be pushed to the same position, so that the rapier has the same extraction effect on each weft, so different kinds of weft will be introduced with the same tension. HTN8/S-190 and HTV 8/S-220 rapier looms are equipped with 8-color weft selection, while HTVS4/SD-220 rapier looms are equipped with 4-color weft selection. Dornier rapier loom can also be equipped with ECS, up to 12 electronic color selectors.

Hanging and Waste Edges

The machine is generally equipped with single disc yarn winding device, double disc yarn winding device and fast cross yarn winding device. The left and right sides can be equipped with independent waste edge device.

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