The Advantages Of Rapier Loom Machines

Rigid rapier loom weft insertion system is one of the biggest advantages which is the positive transfer weft yarn to weave mouth center without any guide device, the rigid rapier loom cover an small area, mainly is the reed space width has certain limits. 

The flexible rapier loom weft insertion system has a strong adaptability, wide application range, a significant increase in weft insertion rate, and 460cm of reed width. 

The last 15 years of the 20th century, the electronic computer is introduced into the loom, microelectronic CAD and CAM system is widely used in microelectronics technology, information technology and weaving technology to form a perfect combination, the combination of many electronic devices and systems and loom as part of the rapier loom, especially the wide application of microelectronic technology on rapier loom, including technology of weft insertion. Some weft elements are greatly improved, smaland light. 

Because of the widespread application of microelectronic technology, the speed of rapier loom and the rate of weft are greatly improved. In various weft methods, such as the insertion of the shuttle, the weft insertion, the jet insertion and the weft insertion system, the weft insertion speed of the rapier is also very high. In the 50 years since the 20th century, the rapier looms have made remarkable progress. In 1995, at the Paris exhibition of Milan in 1999, the rapier looms were presented to the world with the latest high-tech rapier looms.

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