The breakthrough in industrialization of textile industries in “green manufacturing”

The materials extracted from marine algae can make up alginate fiber which is the pure green material with non—toxic、harmless and biodegradable. It can widely be used in textile、clothes and healthcare, etc. It settles down many difficulties worldwide of traditional hemp processing technical like long procedure and poor quality fiber. To develop a series of hemp fiber products which own the characteristics including moisture absorption, bacteriostasis, and radiation resistance, making the title “The king of natural fiber” of hemp increasingly shine.

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The fourth session of the ten China textile science news release and docking of scientific and technological achievements will be held in Quanzhou Jinjiang, "three-dimensional textile reinforced material power of 'eleven gods'" flying "for the first time with seaweed fiber textile and clothing to realize the automation of large-scale production of" high quality of hemp fiber and textile benefits "and" national production of 15 thousand tons of Lyocell fiber all through the project. More than twenty year's most valuable industry important scientific and technological achievements release, docking and interacting with industries.

On the spot, “green manufacturing” and “energy conservation and environmental protection” become the key words in textile industries. “alginate fiber comes from the ocean, whose the supply is inexhaustible and will never be used up”. Qingdao University Wang Bingbing of marine fiber new material Institute said, from seaweed fibers Qingdao University, Wuhan Textile University, Qingdao Kangtong marine Fiber Co. Ltd. joint research "preparation of industrialization technology and equipment" project, the first in the world to achieve the automation of textile clothing for large-scale production of seaweed fiber, breaking the foreign enterprise technology monopoly in the field of medicine seaweed fiber. At present, the project has developed seaweed fiber with high quality, high efficiency, complete sets of technology and equipment that are environmental protection, developing home textiles, medical textiles and other dozens of algae fiber terminal products.

“ We not only avoid more than one hundred patents from foreign countries to apply, but to increase competitiveness in technical and economic aspects.” Chi Kedong, a deputy director of green fiber center of China Textile Research Institute, said, this institute has experienced 18 years hard work to complete the first Lyocell production line with an annual output of 15 thousand tons has been built in China, breaking the technical monopoly of foreign countries, which is an important breakthrough in the industrialization of "green manufacturing" in bio fiber industry in China, and also one of the important technical symbols of China's textile industry from big to strong.

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