Velvet Weaving

The loom can weave double layer fabric which is required by velvet structure, between the top and bottom layers existing a certain height of pile warp. The two layer fabric will later be cut apart and form two velvet fabric.
The loom adopts the intelligent velvet control system, which can realize the functions of electronic let-off  for ground warp and pile warp respectively, electronic pile raising, electronic dobby shedding, electronic confuser weft insertion and etc.
The velvet weaving loom keeps a uniform tension and control an accurate pile height during weaving process.
Air jet weft insertion method will avoid friction between warp yarn, pile yarn and selvedge yarn. Meanwhile, the confuser relay weft insertion can improve the efficiency of insertion and reduce the energy consumption. This is the unique advantage over other types velvet loom like rapier and shuttle loom.
Specially designed velvet temple cylinder can fully open up the fabric surface, so as to aviod shrinkage affecting fabric quality and efficiency. The heating selvedge device can realize ideal clean selvedge for future processing.
Velvet Weaving

Velvet Weaving

Reed Width Nominal width: 150cm~230cm
Effective width: reduce 0~60cm from nominal width
Motor 3.7kw
Weft Insertion Electronic control air jet weft insertion, using high-frequency solenoid valve, main nozzle, auxiliary nozzle, stretch nozzle; relay confuser weft insertion mode.
Beat-up Plain reed beat-up
Ground Warp Double rear beams constant tension electronic let-off, beam dia φ420mm
Pile Warp Double rear beams constant tension electronic let-off, beam dia φ800mm
Pile Raising Electronic control pile raising, with flat rubberpile raising roller, multiple pile warp tension roller.
Take-up Mechanical type, velvet fabric direct take-up, electronic type also available
Needle cloth take-up roller, specail fabric guide plate, down-mounted felt pressing cloth roller
Batch Motion On-loom batching, off-loom batch motion also available
Shedding Electronic dobby, electronic name writer jacquard available
Heddle Frame J type 382mm
Selvedge Planetary leno selvedge, special selvedge creel for velvet
Cutter: left and right ironing selvedge, or mechanical cutter also available
Stop Motion Warp stop: ground warp 4 row narrow type warp stop motion


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