What are the Latest Rapiers Looms in the World? Update on the World Weaving Equipment Technology

With the diversification and differentiation of consumer demand, the flexibility and adaptability of weaving equipment are more urgent. Advanced mechanical equipment and innovative technology provide rich possibility to meet the technological innovation and product development of the downstream weaving enterprises. In the future, weaving equipment development has not only focus on loom speed and efficiency, and also pay more attention to the smooth running and product quality, as well as the loom for small batch, many varieties, product flexibility and adaptability.

Rapier loom machine: more adaptable and more widely used

Dornier P1PTS 16 / S C20

Areas of application: from high quality fabric to 16 ms color weft furniture decorative cloth, fabric, and then to carbon fiber, glass fiber fabric and fabric coating geotextile, count range of 0.8 (7 d) ~ 4500 Tex, varieties to adapt to a wide range.

Technical features: rigid rapier looms, 190 cm in length, the running speed of 600 r/min, the filling rate of 960 m/min, adopt the positive over the central weft weft insertion way up to 16 colors to choose weft, equipped with AirGuide ® gas rapier guide device and MotoLeno ® dornier wring side device.

Dornier P2TGP 6 / S G18

Application: super dense filter fabric.

Technical characteristics: rated width of 320cm, weaving speed of 260r/min, insertion rate of 770m/min; with the active control of the central transition and double warp weaving, the specially developed rolling equipment and up to 5t steel reed force can realize the production of ultra-high density and heavy filtration fabric. The Dornier SyncroDrive ® system, ensure uniform let-off and cloth tension constant, the processing of highly uniform fabric density, liquid and solid medium filter can fully meet or soot particle separation requirements.

Picanol OptiMax - I series

Application: TerryMax - I 8-r 260 can produce terry cloth, etc. OptiMax - I 4-r 190 can produce heavy filter cloth, etc. OptiMax - I 4-r 190 can produce denim and so on; Optima-i 4-p 540 can produce technical fabric, etc.; OptiMax - I 8-j 190 and OptiMax - I 12-j 340 can produce large jacquard decorative fabrics.

Technical characteristics: width 190 ~ 540 cm, maximum 12 color selection, industrial production speed can reach 750r/min; Aiming at the production of technical textiles and the weaving of various complex yarns, the active sword head insertion system (GPG) or free flying insertion system (FPG) can be used with the guide sword hook. Equipped with electronic weft tensioner (EFT), SmartEye intelligent weft detector and SmartCut weft scissors, the flexibility and efficiency are improved, the structure is strong and the operation is more human.

Picanol TerryMax-i 8-r 260

Application: terry cloth.

Technical features: width of 258cm, up to 360cm, and the weaving speed can reach 550r/min; The open mechanism adopts direct electronic drive, which is equipped with the guide system, OptiSpeed system, the loop height monitoring system and the needle roller control system. When weaving towel fabric, it is not only possible to design the height of the loop by ring, but also to design the weft length of each weft yarn to ensure the forming of the hair ring.
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