Air jet loom other auxiliary energy saving

1 Air-jet loom workshop adopts air conditioning of small and small environment

In order to keep the loom running at high speed, the working area of the loom (delivery, weft area) requires relatively high relative humidity to ensure the strength of the warp yarn. In the operating area outside the workspace, it is best to maintain relatively low relative humidity.

Therefore, in the weaving workshop, it is appropriate to adopt the air supply mode combining the local air supply of the loom and the general air supply in the workshop. Is the high relative humidity, low temperature air directly sent to the loom let off and beating-up parts, work in a loom weaving area keep relatively high small environment, but the relative humidity of 75% or more, to ensure the technical requirements of weaving. Relatively low relative humidity (60 ~ 65 %) [26] is maintained in the environment of the working area and the upper part of the working area. This satisfies the need of high speed production of the loom, and can keep the environment of the workshop relatively comfortable to the human body temperature and humidity, thus reducing energy consumption. At present, many factories have adopted this method, and the energy saving effect is significantly less than the traditional delivery of the lower return air supply, which reduces the air supply by about 30%, and reduces the installed power of the air conditioning system by about 20%.

2 Transform the opening mechanism of CAM

The Zax-e type negative CAM opening mechanism is converted into positive CAM opening mechanism, which satisfies the weaving requirements of heavy fabric and reduces energy consumption. The original negative CAM shedding mechanism how the pull force of the spring on the CAM surface, led to large power consumption, converted into the active CAM shedding mechanism after heald frame up and down movement as positive, so energy consumption is small. Shandong weifang silk textile co., LTD. Has been successful in reducing power to 12% [27].

3 Strengthen production management
Adopt energy saving new technology must be combined with strengthening management to maximize energy saving effect, shall establish evaluation system of energy consumption, building energy statistics and measurement management system of the appraisal index decomposition to the workshop and individual, implement various energy-saving measures.

Due to the unique properties of air-jet loom is has become the largest number of models in shuttleless loom, therefore, no matter the textile production enterprises or weaving machine manufacturers, for the energy-saving problem of air-jet loom were highly attention, become the focus of study and research. A large number of studies have shown that the main and auxiliary nozzle gas consumption is the main part of the energy consumption of air jet loom; therefore, with a choice of main and auxiliary nozzle components energy-saving performance good, optimization of weft insertion process, is the key to energy saving production enterprise. Reviewing the energy saving of nearly 10 years, constantly improve, the structure of the optimization design of flow passage components, with high performance accessories, has made great progress especially in auxiliary nozzle. The reformation of the traditional gas supply system has become energy-saving measure adopted by the enterprises and has achieved good results. For the manufacturer of jet loom, the RTC weft real-time control system and the Sumo switching reluctance motor directly drive the loom main shaft technology will be adopted on domestic loom to reduce energy consumption. In conclusion, whether adopting single energy saving technology or adopting multiple integrated energy saving technologies, energy efficiency can be achieved in different degrees.

The future air jet loom will regard energy saving as the important performance index of the loom, as well as the important basis for the production enterprise to select the loom. The future energy saving way is to strengthen the basic theoretical research of flow field and strive to make breakthroughs in energy-saving components. Develop the "expert system" software to optimize the weft insertion process; Improve the design level of the whole machine; Thermal recovery of air compressor; Improve the level of automation control, use the 32-bit computer and CAN bus control, the drafting of main, auxiliary nozzle, nozzle and electromagnetic valve flow system, precise control to acquisition, monitoring, setting, adjustment of various process parameters, through the Internet machine network control CAN be realized, industrial Ethernet and field bus. Generally used different forms of motor direct drive machine spindle technology, beating-up conjugate CAM beating-up mechanism is adopted in the system, open system USES the high quality of active type CAM, electronic dobby device, to achieve the purpose of the high speed, energy saving, high efficiency of air-jet loom

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