SUN600 series high speed electronic jacquard machine is suitable for high speed rapier loom, water jet loom and air jet loom. It is ideal for weaving label, tie, decoration fabric, terry fabrics, carpet, velvet and etc. The jacquard machinery is available from 2688 hooks to 36864 hooks.

Salient Features Of
Sun600 Jacquard Machine

In order to meet the high speed jacquard weaving demand of the market, we have released the latest 600 series. This high speed jacquard machine has adopted conjugate cam mechanism, to ensure the best performance in high speed weaving. And we have made improvement on Staubli mechanical structure to make the transmission more stable and economic.
Low energy consumption in transmission
Adoption of Staubli type conjugate cam shedding system
Fully sealed electrical control system with high reliability
Recycle cooling system ensures stable environment for longtime high speed weaving
The high speed and low torque enable machine to weave heavy load and large pattern fabrics
Sun600 Jacquard Machine

Technical Specs Of
Sun600 Jacquard Machine

Field of application

Hign speed rapier loom, water jet loom, air-jet loom

Fabric suitability

All flat fabrics, terry cloth and technical fabrics

Available hooks

2688~36864 hooks

Maximum speed


Opening height


Transmission model

Shaft drive

Hook selection

Staubli, M5 with bearing

Electronic control


Our Sun 600 series have already been fitting with Panter latest model MAXI, it is also suitable for brands like Picanol, Itema, Dornier, Vamatex and etc., it is your best choice for high speed weaving.

Application Video Of
Sun600 Jacquard Machine

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