Tyre Cord Weaving

The rational design, stable and strong beat-up guarantee a stable weft insertion in high speed running.
High degree of automation and convenient operation. The human-computer interface will display running condition, defective reason, weaving parameter of tyre cord weaving loom, easy to input data through manu.
The machine is equipped with stable pneumatic selvedge device, maximum selvedge length reaching up to 40mm, to create a fine selvedge appearance.
The pneumatic temple cylinder mechanism is stable and reliable.
The tyre cord weaving machine has high efficiency, around 20% higher than domestic competitors while weaving same structure.
The end fabric woven by this machine has higher quality, with less flaw.
Tyre Cord Weaving

Tyre Cord Weaving

Reed Width Nominal width: 190, 210, 230, 250, 280, 340, 360, 390cm
Effective width: reduce 0~60cm from nominal width(for 150~250cm); reduce 0~80cm from nominal width(for above 280cm); 
Range of Yarn Staple fiber: Ne100~Ne5; Filament: 50D~900D
Weft Selection Two nozzle, or four nozzle free weft selection
Power mechanism Direct stop location control carried out by electromagnetic brake
Super start motor: 3.0KW (cam shedding motion), 3.7KW (dobby shedding motion), 6.5KW (jacquard shedding motion)
Button switch double hand operation
Weft insertion mechanism Max weft insertion rate: 2300 m/min
Main nozzle and auxiliary nozzle combination (optional extensive nozzle)
Use profile reed (optional ABS weft brake)
Auxiliary main nozzle
Shedding mechanism Crank connecting link shedding motion: 4 heddle frames or 6 heddle frames
Positive cam shedding motion: 8 heddle frames in maximum
Dobby shedding motion: 16 heddle frame in maximum
Jacquard shedding motion
Let off mechanism Negative or positive let off
Two roller electronic let off with automatic reversing function (optional double warp beam)
Warp beam flange diameter: φ800mm (optional φ914mm, φ1000mm)
Take-up mechanism Electronic take up
Standard density: 25~300 weft/inch, density degree: 15~300 weft/inch
Max cloth roller diameter: φ600mm (cam, dobby, jacquard shedding motion), φ520mm (crank shedding motion)
Beating mechanism Crank type beating, multiple sley sword beating
Four-bar links beating (narrow reed width ), six bar links beating (wide reed width)
Accumulator Electronic accumulator (FDP) (optional vibration accumulator)
Yarn supply frame Floor stand 4 yarn cone (2 nozzle), floor stand 8 yarn cone (4 nozzle)
Selvage mechanism Planetary gear type selvage mechanism
Yarn end treatment The waste selvage is collected by two yarn cones, or the waste selvage is collected by gear
Weft cutter Mechanical weft cutter
Lubrication Bath oil type for the main drive and manual centralized oil supply (optional automatic centralized oil supply)
Stop motion Weft stop: photoelectric weft feeler with double probe
Warp stop: 6 list electric contact type heald wire
Others: automatic stop for leno yarn and waste selvage yarn break
Stop motion display: the human computer interface can show the reason of stop motion with multifunctional 4 color stop motion display.
Automatic function Control: multifunctional micro computer control system which has the functions of parameter setting, control, monitor, self diagnosis and human computer intelligent interface
Break weft finding device: automatic pick finding
Slow inching carried out by frequency converter (normal and reverse inching turning)
Other: output terminal of the monitor
Memory card system
Automatic control of spray

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