The Present Situation and Development of Textile Machinery

Textile industry, as one of the pillar industries in China, has been closely noticed in recent years. Now, China's textile industry is facing a strong test from textile giants to textile powers. One of the keys to the transformation is to transform traditional industries with high and new technology and improve the technological content and added value of traditional products. The textile machinery, as the most important part of the textile industry, also needs the support of high and new technology. The advanced textile machinery can not only improve the output of textile industry, but also prepare for the high-end of the products, such as reconditioned machines. In recent years, textile machinery seized the opportunity. Making full use of the great opportunities for the vigorous development of the textile industry, not only made the textile machinery sell in batches, but also the product level, processing and manufacturing capacity, scientific team construction and management level of management, there has been a significant improvement.

At the same time, there are new trends in the international textile machinery manufacturing industry. Developed countries transfer their production and manufacturing capacity to developing countries on the one hand. It has also begun to shift its research industry and to shift to technological research and development.On the other hand, under the trend of internationalization, the textile machinery manufacturing enterprises in our country also started international expansion at the same time, we take the initiative to acquire or merge internationally known brands or well-known enterprises that have lost competitive advantage. Facing the new development trend of the international textile machinery industry, it is an important issue that the textile industry in China should choose its own development principle and development strategy.

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