Common failure in air jet loom production

Spinning machine is an important part of our textile production process. It is an important premise to ensure the smooth production of production and the realization of safe production and environmental protection. However, after realizing the importance of equipment maintenance, can you find out and resolve these faults in the first time after the failure of our equipment?

1. How does the size of the opening affect the weaving?

The opening is large and the warp thread of the heddles is very large, which can cause the breakage of the warp thread.

The increase of the opening volume can reduce the wool feathers of the warp yarn, the tension is good, the warp is clear and the filling is reduced.

To increase the opening volume and good weft insertion, which is conducive to the formation of weft and fabric?

If the opening volume is too small, the weft insertion of the weft will be blocked, and the weft insertion stop and weft insertion, weft insertion, double weft and other defects will be produced.

2. What are the effects of early opening hours on weaving?

In general, opening ahead of time, can improve the place of warp weft population speak bad, and it can improve the fabric style, can make the beating-up is good, but due to the warp opening early and close too early, therefore, the weft arrival time shortened, so easy to produce the defect, such as weft shrinkage, weft need to increase the air pressure, in 2/1, 3/1, fabric was woven, opening time if too late, may be in the air guide people part of the reed fracture in the form of cloth need to be considered.

3. How should the heald frame height be set?

Set of heald frame height, in principle should make cloth fell in gas leading part of the reed, avoid the cloth cover hole, heald frame height set clear weave mouth, half clear weave mouth, not clear, to choose according to the warp density of fabric, high-density fabric and fabric hairiness is bad, generally USES half clear weave or not clear weave mouth, make the warp distortion, reduce the warp adhesion; For the fabric of twill and complex tissue, the edge yarn frame and the ground tissue frame have the front and rear positions, so the setting of the frame should not make the edge yarn too loose, so as to reduce the weft stop.

4. How is the injection Angle of the main nozzle set?

Main nozzle spray Angle setting, consideration should be given on the left side of the opening of the warp of clarity, if set too early, will happen hanged warp, weft stop caused by increased, too late, will produce the defects such as weft shrinkage at the edge of the cloth, need to increase the injection pressure, if the opening on the left side of the warp is good, can be appropriately in advance Angle, in order to save gas, usually end of the jet Angle is 180 ° plus or minus 15 °.

5. How is the nozzle spray time set?

The first group of nozzle jet time, generally the same as the main nozzle jet time, or 10 ° or so, before the end of the Angle of the Angle to start injection + 80 ° or so, according to the type of the weft, in order to get full weft insertion rate, can be the first group of nozzle jet Angle may be extended appropriately, other assistant nozzle spray Angle general order delay 15 ° ~ 20 °, end Angle + 80 to start injection Angle. In actual production, the injection Angle can reduce the consumption of air compressor.

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