Water jet loom is a type of shuttleless loom that adopts water spray as the weft insertion method. Water jet loom weaving is suitable for filament yarns with smooth surface like synthetic fiber, glass fiber. Water jet weaving loom requires less energy and generate less noise compared with other shuttleless looms.

We have been devoted to the research and development of water jet loom weaving possibilities. So far, we have provided weaving solution for air conditioning filter, insect net, screen net, printing net, plastic mesh, twisted screen, industrial fabric and etc. With our water jet and special technology, customers can make leno and multiple leno design. Customers are welcome to bring their unique fabric designs or ideas for discussion and final realization.

Advantages of Sinotextile Water Jet Loom

  • 1
    Optimized design of machine frame, beat-up mechanism, shedding mechanism and latest nozzle enable high production
  • 2
    Sinotextile water jet loom has wider versatility from fine yarn count to heavy yarn count, from narrow to wide width, and some special specification
  • 3
    All setting can be done on the controller interface with easy and fast operation
  • 4
    The latest structure of weft insertion, shedding, beat-up mechanism lower down electricity and air consumption, more environment-friendly

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The quality of the weaving machines provided by SINOTEXTILE is very good, and they provide very enthusiastic after-sales service, which is a reliable partner.

Water Jet Loom Related FAQs

  • Q: Which fabric species can our water jet looms weave?

    Water jet looms are mainly used for weaving hydrophobic filament yarn and polyester. The applicable yarn range is 30~1000dtex, fabric weight up to 600gsm. The end products include lycra, polyester taffeta, oxford fabric, chiffon, corduroy, umbrella silk and so on. 
  • Q: How does water quality affects water jet loom weaving?

    The water containing impurities will lower the performance of weft insertion mechanism and cause rust and bacteria; affecting the stable running of water jet loom. Water quality changes when season changes, hence multiply water quality check should be carried out every yarn.
  • Q: How much will be the water consumption of water jet loom?

    Calculate the actual volume of plunger piston and convert into weight, suppose it is A gram. And suppose the loom running 600rpm, the daily water consumption can be calculated by A*600*60/24/1000. Normally, one set of water jet loom consumes 2 tons of water per day.