The Development of Textile Machine cannot be Separated from the Demand of the Market

With the development of technology, textile machine is constantly innovating to meet people's needs. Innovative products generally have market pricing power, so more and more enterprises show great interest in the innovation of textile machine products. But innovative products have no future, mainly to see whether it can match the market demand. If innovative products do not bring benefits to the enterprise, then it is not impossible for them to be recognized by the market and user enterprises. Such innovation also has no meaning.

In carrying out innovative work, many enterprises have encountered such problems: although many innovations have been made, there are some achievements, but they have no obvious effect on improving the competitiveness of enterprises. Some even waste the enterprise's manpower, material force and time. And the appearance of this kind of awkward situation undoubtedly will have negative effect to the innovation enthusiasm of the enterprise. Experts pointed out that without careful textile machine market investigation in advance, innovation and market demand disconnect is ineffective, unable to form a competitive enterprise innovation work of one of the important reasons. Whether the innovative work can meet the market demand is not only the main criterion to measure the significance of independent innovation, but also the main factor of whether the relationship enterprise can get rich market returns.

Many people in the industry think that the trend of weaving machine will be automated and intelligent in the future, but this is not to say that the low-grade products are completely out of the market. For a long period of time, the market will continue to present high and low products. This can be seen from the spinning market in 2015. Although this year, fine complex coupling, coupling degree higher level of automation equipment sales overall situation is good, but some short car automatic doffing revamping, the old flower, cotton carding equipment carding league market heat than people expect.

Textile accessories as indispensable in the textile machine products greatly extend the service life of the textile machine, to develop the innovation in the textile machine at the same time also need to keep up with the pace of innovation, such ability can do better!

2017 has a good start for many spinning-makers, and many of the company's orders are full in the first quarter. The analysis shows the promotion of new capacity at home and abroad, as well as the demand for the renewal of the spinning equipment, and the growth of the demand for automation and intelligent equipment in the industry transformation and upgrading. The performance of China's textile machine industry has been driven by their innovation and equipment level and the production of downstream needs.

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