Shuttleless loom

Shuttleless loom

There are many methods toward weft insertions of shuttleless looms, such as rapier、spray (jet and water jet)、projectile、multi spindle(multi phases)and weaving, etc.

Rapier weaving loom

A rigid or flexible rapier head is used to clamp and guide weft threads. In addition to being suitable for weaving plain and textured fabrics, rapier looms are easy to change color and suitable for multi-color weft fabrics. They are suitable for the production of yarn dyed fabrics, double pile fabrics, terry fabrics and decorative fabrics.

The major developing trend of rapier weaving loom

(1)Electronic control technology is widely applied. It takes advantage of computers to carry on control over many fractional motors to increase the level of electromechanical integration, such as intelligence and remote control , thus enhancing the reliability and stability of weaving looms, which will make it convenient to operate and maintain.

(2)To increase the adaptability of the variety of fabric and the quality of weaving fabric. Adopting the electronic control technology of warp feeding, coiling and main drive, the warp tension and change can be controlled automatically, and the weft density function can be changed automatically, and the fabric adaptability and fabric quality can be improved.

(3)To decrease the fiber breakage of main threads, and to eliminate the broken time of weaving machine are the ways to raise the reliability and stability of weaving machine continuously and the efficiency of driving.

(4)Thanks to the speeding increase of rapier weaving machine is limited as its structural characteristics and the bearing capacity of yarns, so when it comes to the advanced rapier weaving machine from foreign countries, as the speed increasing up to 700r/min or more, the main developing directions are not going on increasing the speed any more for some time in the future. The more important one is to further raise the automatic level.

(5)Green weaving. As people’s environmental protective awareness is increasing, the green weaving has gradually mentioned in the agenda. The vibration and noise of weaving machine is decreasing, and the advanced electronic control technology and man—machine engineering principles are widely used in weaving machine, this will be a crucial topic for loom designer to consider seriously.

Air-jet weaving loom

The weft is drawn through the ejected compressed air, and the weft is carried over the shed. Air-jet looms are characterized by high speed and high labor productivity. They are suitable for the production of plain and printed fabrics, fine, extra high density fabrics and large quantities of fabrics.

The major developing trend of air—jet weaving loom

Recently, no matter for nations or domestics, weaving looms are developing prosperously. At present, the fastest growing weaving is a kind of shuttleless loom, named air—jet weaving loom. Air—jet weaving loom is outstanding by it’s a series of advantages such as high speed、high efficiency、low noise、the excellent weaving style、easy to operate 、advanced automation function and the leading mechanotronics technology and so on, which makes it show the strong competitiveness and broad marketing prospect constantly. According to the survey, we come to know that near hundred national large and medium-sized state-owned textile enterprises and coastal areas of many townships and private enterprises have a increasing need for high—end shuttleless looms which occupy 40% to 50% more or less of total requirements. And it tells that shuttleless looms have wide market prospect.

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