As an integrated textile parts manufacturer, we are able to supply a complete range of original and non-original weaving loom parts. Our range includes weft feeder, weft sensor, electronic weft selector, drop wire, leno selvage device, guide slide, heald wire, warp stop motion, tuck in device, cutter & blade, rapier gripper, drive wheel, rapier tape, guide hook, ring temple and other common replacement parts.

We also provide weaving loom parts for Picanol looms, Vamatex looms, Sulzer looms, Dornier looms, Nuvo Pignone looms and etc. These loom parts are manufactured strictly according to the dimensions and requirements of the original parts, and with first-class raw materials. Therefore the parts provided by us have the same quality and performance with the original ones.

The possession of advanced facility, high-efficient management system, plenty of professional technicians, strict quality control system has contributed to the continuous and rapid development of our company. Our textile spares are sold to every corner of the world and get universal recognition from the clients. We will continue the research and development on various kinds of textile parts and accessories to meet the needs from different customers.

  • Heald Frame & Parts
    Heald Frame & Parts

    Heald frame is an important in weaving machine. It opens shed for weft yarn to come through and hence form different weaving patterns.

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  • Warp Beam
    Warp Beam

    Warp beam refers to the roller on which the warp yarn is wound in a weaving loom.

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  • Weaving Reed
    Weaving Reed

    We have more than 20 years experience in research, development and distribution of weaving loom reeds.

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  • Heald Wire
    Heald Wire

    Heald wires are used to lead the warp yarns to move in lifting motion, forming a weaving shed for weft yarns to be brought in.

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  • Drop Wire
    Drop Wire

    Drop wires are installed on the weaving loom to detect warp breakage. Drop Wires are manufactured in closed and open type for mechanical and electrical warp stop motion.

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  • Cutter & Blade
    Cutter & Blade

    We provide complete range of weft cutter, selvedge cutter, blades, cutter assembly covering various brands including SOMET, PICANOL, VAMATEX, DONIER, TOYOTA, and etc.

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  • Clutch & Brake
    Clutch & Brake

    We manufacture supply top quality electromagnetic clutches and brakes that are in applied in shuttleless weaving machines.

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  • Leno Selvage Device
    Leno Selvage Device

    We are supplying electronic leno selvage device and leno healds to be installed on various weaving looms.

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  • Weft Feeder & Parts
    Weft Feeder & Parts

    Sino textile range of weft accumulator caters diverse requirements of industrial applications, suitable for rapier looms, water jet looms and air jet looms.

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  • Temple Cylinder
    Temple Cylinder

    Ring temples are used to give horizontal tension to the weaving fabric so that the weaving fabric will not shrink.

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  • Tuck In Device
    Tuck In Device

    Sino textile have tucking devices for China low speed rapier looms, high speed rapier looms, air jet looms and etc.

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  • Warp Stop Motion
    Warp Stop Motion

    Our Customers can purchase from us various specifications of warp stop motions used in shuttle-less looms.

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  • Guide Slide
    Guide Slide

    We have abundant experience and knowledge in delivering a wide range of guide rail to our customers.

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  • Circuit Panel
    Circuit Panel

    We are able to supply abundant circuit panel for weaving looms, with first class quality and maximum lifespan.

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  • Weft Sensor
    Weft Sensor

    Weft Sensor is used for weft detection on weaving looms. During the weft insertion process the weft yarn is drawn from the thread guide of the sensor.

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  • Electronic Weft Selector
    Electronic Weft Selector

    Our electronic weft selector can be applied in high speed rapier loom with speed above 400r/min.

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  • Encoder and Motor
    Encoder and Motor

    With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing motor, step motor and encoder, we are now supplying the highest quality products to be fitted on textile weaving machines.

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  • Switch and Sensor
    Switch and Sensor

    We offer a wide series of electronic parts for textile weaving machines like approach switch, membrane switch, proximity switch, bush button, load sensor, tension sensor, load cell and etc.

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  • Electromagnet & Coil
    Electromagnet & Coil

    The electromagnet and coil supplied by us are designed, manufactured and controlled strictly according to ISO standard.

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  • Weft Feeler
    Weft Feeler

    Weft feeler is to control the weaving machine to stop after weft breakage. Our automatic weft feeler has the advantages of simple circuit, reliable performance, excellent security and lower cost.

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  • Membrance Switch and Touch Screen
    Membrance Switch and Touch Screen

    We have been researching, developing and distributing membrance switch and touch screen panels for more than 10 years.

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Advantages of Common Replacement Parts

  • 1
    Sinotextile weaving loom spare parts are of the highest quality to ensure optimum performance of your weaving machine.
  • 2
    A wide range of weaving spare parts frequently updated to meet various requirement of weavers.
  • 3
    Sinotextile parts have been supplying to domestic loom manufacturers, quality close to original ones.
  • 4
    Our massive inventory enables the earliest delivery upon confirmation of order

Richard SWIFT

The quality of the weaving machines provided by SINOTEXTILE is very good, and they provide very enthusiastic after-sales service, which is a reliable partner.

Common Replacement Parts FAQs

  • Q: What will be the difference of the profiled reed used in air jet loom requiring two nozzles and more than two nozzles?

    A: The standard profiled reed is recommended for styles requiring two weft nozzles;
    The bicone-type reed is recommended for styles requiring four or more nozzles and for all jacquard machines
    bicone type
  • Q: What are the main types of selvedges and how they are formed?

    A: The main types of selvedges are tuck-in selvedge, fused selvedge and leno selvedge. Tuck-in selvedge is formed by tucking-in protruding portions of each pick into the next warp shed, alongside the new pick, and beating them up together with it. Fused selvedge is the thermoplastic warp and weft that are welded together by heat and pressure. Leno selvedge is formed by one or more pairs of strong, highly tensioned ends that interface with the weft on the leno principle. Warp threads are crossed and interwoven into the edges of the fabric.
  • Q: How to choose qualified drop wire for weaving?

    A: 1. Drop wires thickness should be even, and weight of each dropper should be same, so that all warps get same tension, making sure fabric quality;
    2. Surface of drop wires shall be flat and smooth, falling smoothly when warp breaks, and also can reduce flyings and impurities;
    3. Thread eye should be smooth without burr, to avoid harming warp yarn strength and causing breakage;
    4. Drop wires should have a certain elasticity, hardness and abrasion resistance.
  • Q: How to choose qualified heald frame for weaving?

    A: In order to carry out a smooth and stable weaving process, heald frame should meet following criteria--
    1. A firm structure with relevant accessories to cooperate well with loom;
    2. Good mechanical performance, with proper strength and stiffness;
    3. Smooth and flat surface, and accurate dimension to fit on loom;
    4. Heald frame must be well fitted with heddles.