How to open up the jet loom?

1. The original yarn is well done, the yarn defects are as few as possible, the original yarn is strong, the strength is not uniform, the weak ring is low;
2. The bobbin process USES the electronic yarn cleaner and the air twist knot, and the length of the bobbin must be uniform.
3. The yarns are evenly balanced, the yarn is arranged evenly, the shaft is smooth and the hardness is proper.
4. They should not be sticky.
5. The warp ends of the reed warp will be good to prevent the strangulation.
6. In the process of weaving, the weft channel should not be blocked by flying flowers to reduce the warp stop.
7. To ensure the normal operation of the loom;
8. It is necessary to ensure the smooth and clean passage of the warp channels. No flying flowers can be blocked and the warp channels can not be damaged.
9. To ensure the cleanliness of high pressure air, no sundries, no oil and water, moderate pressure;
10. The air conditioning of the workshop should ensure that the temperature and humidity are suitable for weaving.

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