Roj and Iro have always been pioneers in weft feeding system. Thanks to the high quality and precision accessories, the weft feeders are able to minimize tension variations in the weft insertion, from the bobbin to the weaving loom.

Parts range includes tensioner kits, brush, eyelet, winding disc, weft brake, hall sensor, circuit board and etc, covering the model of Chrono X3, Chrono X2, Luna X3, Luna X2, HD X2, HD X3, Super ELF X3, Super ELF G2, Super ELF HD, Super ELF GF, Stella G2, Star G2, 2231 series and 1131 series and many more earlier models.

Our unique spare parts and accessories for Roj and Iro weft feeders adopts first-rate material and technique, to ensure performance, stability and endurance of weft accumulators. We commit to supply Roj and Iro spare parts that are close to original quality.

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